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Investissement: le BoI se Rapproche des Zones Economiques Internationales

Après l’ouverture de l’antenne parisienne, c’est à New Delhi que le Board of Investment (BoI) aménage son nouveau bureau.

30 Oct 2015,

Les Détails du Deal JinFei

Le Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) et le Lease Agreement signés entre le gouvernement et Jinfei ont été déposés au Parlement, mardi, par le ministre des Finances. Les responsabilités de la compagnie chargée du projet, ainsi que l’aspect « smart » de la future ville y sont décrits.

15 Oct 2015,

Investissements : Le BoI à Bout de Souffle ?

L’agence pour la promotion d’investissement est pointée du doigt pour sa lente réactivité. C'est ce que lui reprochent les investisseurs, en particulier les étrangers.

24 Aug 2015,

Organismes Parapublics: les Salaires Annuels

Grille des salaires que touchaient les membres de conseils d'administration de différents organismes parapublics.

03 Jul 2015,

BOI : 2 389 ‘Occupation and Residence Permits’ Emis en 2014

2389 ‘Occupation and Residence Permits’ (OR/RP) ont été émis en 2014, apprend-on de l’agence pour la promotion d’investissement, le Board of Investment (BoI). C’est un nombre record depuis l’introduction, en 2006, de ce sésame de séjour à Maurice.

15 Jan 2015,

Film Rebate Scheme : Rs 621 Millions d’Investissements Récoltés

Les Qualified Production Expenditures (QPE) sous le Film Rebate Scheme (FRS) ont rapporté environ Rs 621 millions ces huit derniers mois.

29 Aug 2014,

Budget 2014 BOI/EM : « Positif pour l’Investissement et les Exportations »

Le Board of Investment (BoI) et Enterprise Mauritius (EM) estiment, dans leurs analyses des mesures budgétaires 2014, que celles-ci auront un impact positif sur l’investissement et les exportations mauriciennes, en particulier vers les pays africains.

14 Nov 2013,

BOI Report: 102 Types of Jobs Available in 11 Economic Sectors

11 key economic areas of the country are currently 102 applicants types of jobs. This is what concludes a report by the Board of Investment (BoI), entitled "Mauritius Diversified Economy", released on October 30.

06 Nov 2013,

Zimbabwe Should Learn from Mauritius

According to the 2013 world economic freedom index, Mauritius is a booming economy ranked at number eight in the world ahead of Denmark, the United States and Ireland.

26 Oct 2013,

Investment, Promotion: The BOI Is Activated To Hold The Private Equity Conference

The BOI actively preparing the third edition of Private Equity Conference held on 12 and 13 September at the Hilton Hotel and the theme "Connecting Global Investors with African Opportunities."

06 Sep 2013,

BOI, At International Level: Campaign to Promote the Occupancy Permit

The Board of Investment is engaged in an intensive international campaign to promote the occupancy permit.

17 Aug 2013,

Économie Bleue : Un Symposium National en Vue d’Elaborer une Feuille de Route

Maurice possède une zone économique exclusive (ZEE) d’environ 1 960 000 kilomètres carrés et cogère avec la République des Seychelles environ 396 000 kilomètres carrés de son plateau continental.

12 Jul 2013,

Land Based Oceanic Industry: Blue Project Resurfaced

From the embryonic stage over five years, now the Land Based Oceanic Project, now known as Deep Ocean Water Applications Projects, resurfaced after being consigned to oblivion. At the Council of Ministers last Friday, it was noted that several companies have shown their interest in this project. Their proposals are currently under study.

12 Jun 2013,

Board of Investment Projects: 1000 Jobs in the Production of Fish, Seaweed and Pearl

The authorities want to attract foreign and local investors in the economy "blue" by proposing projects in aquaculture, seaweed farming and pearl oyster culture. A thousand jobs could be created.

04 Jun 2013,

ICAC Investigation of Eight Semi Body

Hard times for parastatal body. In addition to the flood of "tsunami" politico-administrative some of these organizations, eight of which are currently within the scope of an investigation by the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC).

18 Apr 2013,

Constat du BOI : Hausse du FDI Mauricien en Direction de l’Afrique

mauriciens en Afrique ont maintenu leur courbe ascendante, indique le Board of Investment (BoI) dans une analyse des Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) pour l’année écoulée.

11 Apr 2013,

BoI Noted "Strong Interest" of Chinese Investors to Mauritius

The recent mission of the Board of Investment in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing has to denote a "keen interest of Chinese financial institutions" to use Mauritius as a financial platform for entry into the African continent.

05 Apr 2013,

BOI Investment Rs 5 md in 3 Years in Higher Education

The Director General of Board of Investment (BoI), Ken Poonoosamy, reported in the February 2013 newsletter of the agency, forecasts investment of about Rs 5 billion in the sector of higher education in the next three years. In this bulletin, the BoI announces participation Mauritius next week property exhibition, MIPIM, France.

06 Mar 2013,

Board of Investment: Priorities for 2013

The national agency for investment and promotions is boiling. The Director Board of Investment, Ken Poonoosamy, displays his optimism for the year 2013, while focusing on its priorities. For its part, the Africa Centre, launched in 2012, explores opportunities in Africa.

06 Feb 2013,

BOI Assists Japan to Step into Africa

With a view to increasing its presence on the African Continent and seizing the opportunities arising in Mozambique and Tanzania with the discovery of new sources of natural gas, one of the largest conglomerates in Japan contacted the Africa Centre of Excellence for business (ACE) set up by the Board of Investment (BOI) to help them establish their presence in targeted African countries including Mauritius, South Africa and Tanzania

06 Feb 2013,

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