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CWA: Loss of Rs 600 Million Every Year

Water leaks on the network of the Central Water Authority (CWA) are enormous. Physical loss is 30% to 35%.

17 Mar 2014,

Water Supply: CWA Closes Valves

The water will be distributed in the morning and night only, depending on the region. Users of the Central Water Authority (CWA) had a week of respite during which the water was distributed almost all day because of Maha Shivratree.

03 Mar 2014,

CWA: Rs 1 Billion to Reduce Water Leakage

The Central Water Authority (CWA) account into overdrive to minimize water leakage. This is mainly the regions of high Plaines Wilhems.

05 Feb 2014,

L’Eau Coulera Plus Longtemps Pendant les Fêtes

L’eau coulera plus longtemps, en cette période des fêtes, dans les endroits jusqu’ici soumis à un régime rigide de fourniture d’eau.

28 Dec 2013,

Budget 2014: Water and Electricity Prepayment Meters and Water Tank Scheme

The Minister of Finance yesterday announced significant investments in the utilities sector. Among the measures mentioned, the prepaid electricity meters. For water, the Water Tank Scheme will be extended.

09 Nov 2013,

CWA: Manque d’Eau; Six Cellules d’Urgences Instituées

Ils sont dégoûtés, disent-ils. Des habitants de plusieurs régions, dont Brisée-Verdière et Beau-Bassin, entre autres, déplorent que les robinets sont à sec depuis plusieurs jours. Ils exigent de connaître la source du problème.; A la demande du Premier ministre, Navin Ramgoolam et du vice-Premier ministre, Rashid Beebeejaun, la Central Water Authority (CWA) a institué six cellules d’urgences ‘Emergency Cells’ à travers le pays afin de répondre aux besoins des consommateurs en permanence, surtout en cette période difficile.

31 Oct 2013,

Water Supply: Drastic Cuts From This Week

The Central Water Authority (CWA) has applied from this week a program of drastic cuts to manage water consumption across the country. This measure is applied as the water level of reservoirs and groundwater continues to decline. In the lower Plaines Wilhems, water supply will be interrupted once a day, while in the north the CWA provides two cuts daily.

22 Oct 2013,

CWA - Running Water: Cuts In The Southwest From Monday

With the arrival of summer, Mauritians fear more cuts. This fear can indeed be justified if there is no rain in the coming days.

15 Oct 2013,

The South and the West Supplied with Water Once a Day

A beginning today Monday, October 14, residents of the South and West will receive six hours of drinking water supply. The reason: the two main sources of the Central Water Authority (CWA) institutions within these areas have dried up dramatically in a very short time.

14 Oct 2013,

Water: Port Louis Will Be Supplying 8 Hours per Day

The CWA is to counter the drop in water level. A meeting of members of the inspectorate in different regions of the island was held Friday. One of the findings established: the Port-Louis is experiencing a decline in water supplies with drinking water to the capital reduction of water Great River, the main source.

06 Oct 2013,

Drought: Tanks at Alarming Rate

The Midlands Dam reservoir has lost half of its water in the space of four months. Through the latest survey, Sunday, Sept. 29, a drop in water level in almost all reservoirs of the island is perceived.

01 Oct 2013,

Worrying Situation in Our Reservoirs

The water level in the different reservoirs is alarming. The water has dropped dramatically between June and September. This is the same thing in groundwater.

27 Sep 2013,

CWA : des Coupures dans Toute l’Ile Sauf dans le Sud

La CWA tire déjà la sonnette d’alarme. Le pays est déficitaire en eau d’au moins 50 % durant cette période. Résultat : de nouveaux horaires de coupures d’eau sont à venir à travers l’île, sauf dans le Sud.

22 Aug 2013,

Water: More Cuts Are on the Horizon

CWA sounding the alarm. To the overall decline in reservoir filling and low rainfall, water shortages are expected in the East and in other parts of the island. A meeting is scheduled for this Friday, August 16 will be considered where the rainfall across the island.

18 Aug 2013,

Montagne-Longue: CWA Connection Fears on the Road

It fitting CWA constantly threatens motorists between Mariana and Montagne-Longue. Two years ago it lasts ...

25 Jun 2013,

Study in Water Sector: Rs 33.4 Million Disbursed for Singaporean Experts

The Mauritian government has disbursed Rs 33.4 million to enlist the services of experts from Singapore to conduct a study on the reform of the water sector in 2011 and 2012.

05 Jun 2013,

CWA Debts Reachs Rs 583 Million

In recent years, the debts of the Central Water Authority have exceeded half a billion rupees. Indeed, a blackboard currently displayed by the agency responsible for water supply in the country is R 583 million, of which Rs 196 million representing accrued interest.

29 Apr 2013,

Tanks Filled up to 100% - Prem Saddul: "Our Challenge Is to Avoid Losses"

The six major reservoirs in the country, including Mare aux Vacoas, are filled to 100%. Moreover, the excess of the Mare aux Vacoas are automatically channeled to the Tamarin River.

03 Apr 2013,

Building Permits: Curepipe Promotes the Collection of Rainwater

"Any new application for a building permit shall contain provisions for the installation of a system for collecting rainwater," says Kritanand Beeharry, president of the Public Health Committee of the Municipality of Curepipe. This measure is in force since the beginning of this month.

25 Mar 2013,

Recovery of Rainwater: Financing Plan Proposed by MCB

The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) encourage Mauritians to invest in recovery systems rainwater. It launches the "Rainwater Harvesting Scheme" , a financing plan at a rate of interest of 5.65% per annum.

01 Mar 2013,

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