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New ID Card: DPP Office Consider Fingerprint Theft

While the conversion for new identity cards accelerates, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is considered one of the questions raised by the opponents of this project, namely the danger of theft of fingerprint.

06 Apr 2014,

Age Group of 23-44 Years: ID Card Conversion Center at Full Speed

This weekend, the Mauritius National Identity Scheme (ISMN) expects a "rush" in the conversion centers for identity card. The deadline for the registration of the age group 23-44 years is indeed fixed tomorrow, Monday, March 31.

30 Mar 2014,

360,000 Identity Cards Issued

About 950,000 Mauritians who had to change their identity card, 360,000 have done so far.

30 Mar 2014,

Enquête: Carte D’identité Nationale, Où Est Passé le Disque Dur ?

Sous pression, le Bureau du Premier ministre (PMO) a-t-il menti à la population au sujet de la disparition d’un disque dur contenant des informations confidentielles dans le cadre du lancement de la nouvelle carte d’identité nationale ? Nos investigations ont révélé que le PMO s’est empressé, le 19 octobre dernier, de démentir cette disparition de peur de soulever une vague d’indignation publique.

10 Mar 2014,

250,000 Identity Cards Already Issued

Of the 950,000 people who must change their identity card, only 250,000 cards have been issued to date.

06 Mar 2014,

Digital Identity Card Will Contain Medical Data

"A person must simply present their ID card to the doctor has under the eyes all his medical history." This is explained a source close to the project board digital identity. In fact, medical data of the cardholder will be stored on it. That, in the computerization of the public health service process, or e-health.

19 Feb 2014,

Biometric Identity Card: 200,000 Mauritians Already Registered

Despite the controversy surrounding the new biometric national identity card, 200,000 Mauritians are already registered.

18 Feb 2014,

New Identity Card: Procedures Launched Rodrigues

Rodriguans can now proceed with the registration to obtain the new ID card. A team from Mauritius National Identity Scheme has settled in the center of Port-Mathurin conversion earlier this week. She remained there until June.

25 Jan 2014,

New Identity Card: Line for 23 to 44 Years

The campaign conversion identity card has entered a new phase since Sunday, with registration from 23 to 44 years. If at the Prime Minister's Office, which oversees this file, everything goes normally, critics of the project evoke quirks. Just as some members of the public.

03 Dec 2013,

New Identity Card: End of Procedure for 18-22

From this Saturday, people aged between 23 and 44 years can head to the registration centers for their new identity card. The exercise was completed on Friday for those aged between 18 and 22 years.

01 Dec 2013,

Identity Card: Calendar Reviewed for 23-44 Years

The team of Mauritius National Identity Scheme (ISMN) decided that recording aged between 23 and 44 years for the new ID card people will start from December 1st 2013.

25 Nov 2013,

New Identity Card: Already 35,000 Holders

No fewer than 35,000 people have already taken possession of the new national identity card. According to authorities, the doubt regarding the use of fingerprints on the new ID card begins to dissipate into the head of the people.

14 Nov 2013,

National Identity Card: Underside of Contract of Rs 1.08 Billion with Singapore

Exactly 44 326 139 Singapore dollars or Rs 1.08 Md. This is the amount payable by the Government of Mauritius to Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) for the firm put up the draft of the new national identity card.

29 Oct 2013,

New National Identity Cards: 'Conversion Centre' for All Age Groups

No need to wait for the new identity card. A 'Conversion Centre' a new kind of opened the Cyber Tower, Ebony, since Monday. Unlike registration centers in operation, this antenna offers the possibility to carry out the conversion of the identity card regardless of schedule.

24 Oct 2013,

Identity Card: Recording Increases With Mobile Units In Private Companies

Information campaigns as well as mobile units in different private companies. These are all initiatives that set in motion the team of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme. This, this Thursday, October 17 at the Princes Tuna factory.

22 Oct 2013,

New ID Card: Conversion Centers In Companies

The new identity card wants to bring more modern. In this sense, the Mauritius Export Association (MEXA), in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister launched the mobile conversion center.

20 Oct 2013,

National Identity Card: 10,000 Mauritians Already

Despite the controversy surrounding the new biometric national identity card, 10,000 young Mauritians have already registered for this card.

18 Oct 2013,

Carte D’identité Nationale : La Demande D’injonction Du Dr Maharajah Madhewoo Rejetée

La demande d’injonction du Dr Maharajah Madhewoo contre l’introduction de la carte d’identité nationale biométrique a été rejetée, lundi 14 octobre, par le juge David Chan Kam Cheong.

17 Oct 2013,

Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum: "The Issuance Of The Birth Certificate Be In The Mail"

Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay announced that the biometric identity card would allow the issuance of birth certificates in the post offices. "This is the new database that will allow this state of affairs", said the Minister of Information Technologies and Communication.

16 Oct 2013,

New Identity Card: PMO Denies any "Victory" of Pravind Jugnauth

" Jugnauth has pushed the door open and made demagoguery , "reacted strongly Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay on Friday, October 4. According to the Minister of ICT, the leader of the MSM got no victory against the State. The PMO also issued a statement about it in the evening.

06 Oct 2013,

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