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E-filing: D-Day for the Submission of Tax Records

More than 80,000 taxpayers have fulfilled their tax form online. And Mauritius Revenue Authority(MRA) expects that number rises to 90,000 tonight, Tuesday, April 1, at the close of the year. The organization encourages taxpayers to fulfil their online form although still accept paper forms.

01 Apr 2014,

Private Lessons: MRA Will Track Teachers

"We will be calling one by one." Officers laMauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) prepare to track the teachers in the primary as well as secondary that give individual lessons but are not reporting their income. And strategy was well thought out.

18 Mar 2014,

Hawkers Targeted

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is stepping up its fight against tax evasion.

14 Mar 2014,

MRA Makes Sell-Out

A car registered in 2003, speakers, computer equipment, clothing and even kitchen utensils ... The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is selling about 83 seized items .

12 Mar 2014,

Tax Evasion: MRA Target Assets of Businessmen

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) began new round. Indeed, the agency has opened an investigation into several businessmen. MRA suspected tax evasion these people for several years and the institution and left with a real shortfall. These businessmen appear often an annual turnover of Rs 2 million to Rs 5 million.

27 Feb 2014,

Enquête sur l'Importation de Voitures de Luxe : David Mirbel Arrêté et Libéré Sous Caution

Le directeur de la compagnie Beltin Express, David Mirbel,a été arrêté mardi par les limiers de la Cybercrime Unit. Cela fait suite aux dénonciations de Dhanishwar Toolsee, directeur de SS Motor Point Ltd dans la fraude fiscale alléguée sur les berlines.

05 Feb 2014,

Case Mirbel: MRA Estimates Losses of Rs 50 Million

He was charged in court in Port Louis yesterday, Tuesday, February 4, as part of the investigation into fraud in the Returning Resident Scheme. Mirbel David is believed to have been brought from London a dozen luxury cars. The losses for the MRA would be around Rs 50 million.

05 Feb 2014,

Tax Avoidance: More Than a Billion Rupees to Recover

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) hopes to recover more than one billion rupees through the fight against tax avoidance.

19 Nov 2013,

MRA Demands Rs 420 Million from 75 Illegal Operators

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has served a claim for tax of Rs 420 million to 75 operators of gambling houses that operate slot machines without the appropriate license.

15 Nov 2013,

"Returning Resident Scheme" Six Vehicles Seized by the MRA

It is with some notable and a businessman linked to a drug ring that "Mauritius Revenue Autority" grabbed six vehicles between Friday and Monday, October 23.

09 Nov 2013,

Customs Alleged Fraud: MRA Captures the Mercedes of Lise Coindreau

The investigation of the Mauritius Revenue Authority of fraud surrounding the Returning Resident Scheme continues. This time it is a Mercedes S600L that was seized at the headquarters of Jet 7 , the real estate company of Lise Coindreau. According to reports, the sedan, which was imported in 2011 on behalf of Mary Rita Mootoosamy, was used by the businesswoman.

07 Nov 2013,

Private Lessons: Ten Teachers Pinned by MRA

They were the subject of an investigation for some time. And a dozen primary and secondary for most "notorious offenders" have fallen into the nets of the MRA.

03 Nov 2013,

Tax Fraud Cars: New Entries

New developments are expected this week as part of the fraud investigation around the Returning Resident Scheme . The Mauritius Revenue Authority account enter other cars after the Mercedes SLS 63 AMG "used" by Thierry Lagesse, a Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera , among others.

28 Oct 2013,

Memorandum Aux Finances : La MTPA Pour Une Hausse De Rs 10 000 D’Exemptions Fiscales

L’association dénonce l’évasion fiscale et la « mauvaise gestion » des fonds publics.

16 Oct 2013,

MRA Target Business

Since this morning, the Mobile Monitoring Team of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is on the go. The officers assigned to that unit actively conduct an audit of traders, 15,000 in total, which are registered for VAT.

11 Oct 2013,

Importing Two Porsche Cayenne: Paul Foo Kune Questioned By The Central Barracks

Paul Foo Kune, director of the company Play Online, was questioned at Central CID Monday, October 7 as part of the investigation into allegations of tax evasion around the import of luxury cars.

09 Oct 2013,

Voitures Duty-Free aux Returning Residents : Controverse Autour de l’Undertaking de la MRA

La Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) se serait-elle contredite par son propre document ? En l’occurrence l’Undertaking qu’elle a signé avec les Returning Residents, bénéficiaires de l’exemption douanière sur les véhicules. Ce sera une des artilleries de la riposte de quelques Returning Residents.

08 Oct 2013,

Returning Citizen Scheme : Rs 100 000 de Commission

Développement dans l'affaire de l'importation de voitures de luxe avec les arrestations de Mooneshwar Mudhoo et Sakib Mohammad Rajabally Ramdjee pour complot.

01 Oct 2013,

Fraud on Luxury Cars: SS Motorpoint Director Should Be Charged Again

He is currently on parole. And the Director of SS Motorpoint, Dhaneswar Toolsee should again be indicted by the CCID, according to police sources. This, as part of the investigation into alleged fraud on luxury cars.

27 Sep 2013,

Fight Against Counterfeit Alcohol

Is there a trade in counterfeit alcohol in Mauritius? The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) think this is the case. So she has decided to put his stamp - excise stamp on the bottles of alcoholic beverages from 1 October. The Excise Stamp on Cigarette box from 25 to 50 cents on October 1.

25 Sep 2013,

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