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Turf: MTC Pays Rs 250,000 to the City of Port-Louis

Initially they asked Rs 1 million. In the end, the mayor of Port-Louis got Rs 250,000 from the MauritiusTurf Club (MTC) for the new racing season, which includes 43 days. The new law on local government allows councils to impose a tax on betting agents .

31 Mar 2014,

Fin Tragique de Slinga Malinga : le Chief Stipe du MTC Ian Patterson Présidera L’enquête

C’est Ian Patterson, Chief Stipe du Mauritius Turf Club (MTC), qui présidera l’enquête instituée pour faire la lumière sur les circonstances dans lesquelles le cheval Slinga Malinga est mort mercredi 22 janvier suite à l’explosion d’un ventilateur de la marque Pacific. Décision arrêtée mardi matin 28 janvier par le Board des commissaires administratifs du MTC.

28 Jan 2014,

Explosion of Pacific Fan at MTC Causes Death of Horse Slinga Malinga

It died in its box after severe head injury. Slinga Malinga, horse stable Vincent Allet, died after a fan of Pacific brand caught fire in the premises of the Mauritius Turf Club yesterday, Wednesday, January 22.

23 Jan 2014,

Horse Racing: Ian Patterson Before The Commissioners MTC

The Chief Stipe of Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) is summoned this Thursday, September 5 by the "board" administrative commissioners equestrian club.

06 Sep 2013,

Horse Racing: Arena Case Takes A New Turn

Jockey Arena, suspended for six months after the 24th day of racing and accused of "cheating" (cheating), is once again about him. This time, he alleges an incident at a party in June - attended by Ian Paterson, Chief Commissioner races - Chief Stipe - could influence the commissioners in their decisions against him.

06 Sep 2013,

Concours d'Elegance: at First for the Mauritius Turf Club

The Mauritius Turf Club is organizing the first edition of the Concours d'Elegance. One that shines at Champs de Mars walk away with attractive gifts. Appointment is taken Saturday, July 27.

23 Jul 2013,

MTC-MBC : Accord sur la retransmission

Un accord est sur le point d’être signé entre le Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) et la Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) sur la retransmission des courses en direct sur une des... Read more »

11 Mar 2011, KotZot