Road accident Mauritius

Accident that Caused Policeman Death: Driver Fined Rs 50,000

The intermediate court imposed, Monday, April 22, a fine of Rs 50,000 to Tawfiq Nuckchaddy, a bank officer, who have caused the death of Constable Chandraduth Bulatoo in road accident that occurred December 18, 2010 in New Trunk Road Port Louis.

23 Apr 2013,

One Dead and Three Seriously Injured During the Weekend

After the accident on Friday with resident killed Bamboo bike in St Martin, the road is still dead and three seriously injured during the weekend. The fatal accident occurred at Port Louis with a forty motorbike hitting a power pole. On the other hand, two of the three injured are also motorcyclists.

23 Apr 2013,

Deux Accidents Fatals Impliquant des Deux-Roues

Un cycliste et un motocycliste ont été tués durant les dernières 48 heures. Le premier, un jeune de 32 ans, a percuté un camion, le second un quinquagénaire, un poteau électrique.

21 Apr 2013,

St-Martin : un Cycliste Tué sur le Coup

Drame à St-Martin, Mont-Roches. James Curtis Edouard, un cycliste de 33 ans habitant Cité La Ferme, Bambous, a été percuté par un camion. Il est mort sur le coup.

20 Apr 2013,

Rodrigues: Seriously Injured Transferred to Hospital in Mauritius

A serious car accident early Thursday morning in the area of Great Mountain, Rodrigues was injured.

19 Apr 2013,

Biker Bulatoo Killed in a Road Accident - Tawfiq Nuckchady: "I Regret What Happened"

Prosecuted before the Intermediate Court for involuntary manslaughter, Mohammad Tawfiq Nuckchady will learn his fate on April 19. Driving his vehicle on December 18, 2010 on the New Trunk Road, Port Louis, he was fatally struck the biker Chandraduth Bulatoo.

16 Apr 2013,

Deal Firmly with Road Demons

According to the Central Statistics Office, there were 22 258 road accidents on our roads by the end of 2012. Between January and October 2011, there were a total of 19 961 vehicles (motor and non motor) involved in road accidents as compared to 18 360 during the corresponding period of 2010.

15 Apr 2013,

Accident : un Mort à Pont Colville

La route a été une fois de plus meurtrière dimanche, aux petites heures du matin. Une voiture a fait une sortie de route avant de heurter de plein fouet un lampadaire à hauteur du Pont Colville.

15 Apr 2013,

Accidents : un Etudiant Grièvement Blessé

Ashley Chuttoo, un étudiant âgé de 19 ans, est entre la vie et la mort après un grave accident de la route survenu à Stanley, jeudi soir. Il est admis aux soins intensifs du Princess Margaret Orthopedic Centre après que sa motocyclette a heurté un piéton. Ce dernier, Kisna Naiken, 43 ans, est aussi admis à l’hôpital.

13 Apr 2013,

Reunion Resident Was Killed in Accident at La Vigie

Drama on the highway at La Vigie this Monday, April 8. D. Lopez, a tourist Reunion, aged 80, died in a road accident.

08 Apr 2013,

Accidents: Two New Victims

Since Tuesday evening, two new victims of road accidents were recorded by the police. A sexagenarian was fatally hit by a car while crossing the highway Calebasses, while a 23 year old man succumbed to his injuries wiped during an accident two months ago.

05 Apr 2013,

Accident: Sexagenarian Died Hit by Taxi in Calebasses

The road has claimed another victim in the evening yesterday. Lutchmaya Ramanah, aged 60, was hit by a taxi Calebasses. The latter died on the spot. The autopsy will be performed today.

03 Apr 2013,

Accident Fatal à Beau-Vallon: Un Motocycliste Arrêté

Un plombier de Beau-Vallon a été arrêté par la police de Mahébourg, mardi. Il est inculpé d’homicide involontaire. Le motocycliste de 25 ans était impliqué dans un accident de la route le 29 mars. Il a renversé un piéton de 77 ans qui est mort, trois jours après.

03 Apr 2013,

Spectacular Crash at Pamplemousses: Her Car Skidded, She Escaped Unharmed

She had a narrow escape Monday. A Portlouisienne 40, who was in the North, heading towards the capital when her car skidded up to Grand Bay Link Road. It was about 13 h 30.

02 Apr 2013,

The Road Takes Another Victim

Ramdass Hurloo did not survive his injuries. This resident of Terre-Rouge, 46, died Monday, March 25, three days after suffering a road accident at the Gare du Nord in Port-Louis.

26 Mar 2013,

Montebello: Truck Tire Explodes and Makes a Wounded

Unusual accident occurred on the highway leading to the descent of Montebello. The tire of a truck of 30 tons caught fire before exploding.

25 Mar 2013,

Road accident: Two Dead and One Seriously Injured at Friday

The list of victims of road accidents continues to grow. Friday, March 22, a fifties and sixties were killed when a septuagenarian was admitted to intensive care.

25 Mar 2013,

33 Deaths on Our Roads Since January

January 1 to March 22 of this year, the number of casualties on our roads was 33, ten foot, twelve drivers, seven passengers, three cyclists and an assistant driver.

23 Mar 2013,

Accident: 23 Year Old Killed in His Car

The road has claimed another victim yesterday. Mohammad Ismail Maiharaub, 23 years old, living in Rose Hill, was killed in his car when it crashed headlong into a parapet height of the New Trunk Road, Phoenix.

20 Mar 2013,

Septuagenarian Reverses a Pedestrian

A resident of Beau Vallon, aged 58, is the intensive care unit of the hospital Jawaharlal Nehru, Rose-Belle.

20 Mar 2013,