Road accident Mauritius

A Teenage Girl Suffered Head Injuries After Falling From a Bus Running

She was going home after school. And while she was on a school bus, this girl had a fall on Tuesday, October 8. She was wounded in the head. She was taken to Victoria Hospital, Candos. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the accident.

09 Oct 2013,

Accident: 19-Years-Old Was Killed in Plaine Magnien

The road has claimed another victim in the early weeks. This Monday, September 30th, at around 4:00 p.m., Kersley Raphael, 19 years a motorcyclist traveling on the road Mon Trésor Mon Desert, Plaine Magnien, died after colliding with a truck.

01 Oct 2013,

De Janvier au 12 Septembre: 111 Morts pour 95 Accidents Fatals

En 2010, 151 accidents fatals font 158 morts ; en 2011, 132 accidents font 152 morts et en 2012, 144 accidents font 156 tués

30 Sep 2013,

Seven Injured in Collision Between Two Buses at 16th Mile, Forest Side

Seven injured. This is the result of a collision between two buses occurred at 16th Mile, Forest Side, Monday morning, September 30.

30 Sep 2013,

A 19 year Old Succumbed to His Injuries after an Accident in Ferney

He was hit hard by a bus to Ferney. Admitted to the hospital Jeetoo, Port-Louis, Bryan Pokhun, a resident of Ville Noire aged 19, succumbed to his injuries at Tuesday, Sept. 24.

26 Sep 2013,

Road Accidents: Identify the Real Causes

The press recently reported that French experts have advised the government to have drivers undergo medical fitness to drive in a bid to curb road accidents.

21 Sep 2013,

Accidents: Three Dead and Two Seriously Injured on Sunday

In just five hours this morning Sunday, September 15, three drivers, two motorcyclists were killed on our roads. While in the village of La Rosa, New Grove, two motorcyclists while intoxicated were seriously injured on Saturday.

16 Sep 2013,

He Was Walking On His Bike Bamboo: A 5 Year Old Child Died Under The Wheels Of A School Van

He had a terrible ending! Curtis Lolo, 5 years, was hit hard by a school van on Monday to 15 h 30. This schoolboy living complex NHDC Bamboo, hitching a ride on his bicycle when a school van was hit head.

14 Sep 2013,

Two Youngsters Killed Under A Bus in Tamarin, Driver: "Everything Was In A Split OF A Second"

Bagwanduth Deenoo, 46, the bus driver involved in the accident deTamarin says doing everything to avoid collision with the motorcycle Sunday evening. Two lives were lost: Frederick Celestin, 28 years Ephigene Kinsley, 22.

14 Sep 2013,

Fatal Accident in Riambel

Sad end for Deepak Leedoss. The 26-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a traffic accident occurred Tuesday night Riambel.

11 Sep 2013,

Un Garçonnet Tué sous les Roues d’une Fourgonnette

Après que deux jeunes ont péri dimanche 8 septembre sous les roues d’un autobus, hier lundi c’est un garçonnet de cinq ans qui a perdu la vie. Alors qu’il était à vélo, à Geoffroy, Bambous, Jimmy Lolo a été écrasé par une fourgonnette qui faisait marche arrière. Une enquête est en cours.

10 Sep 2013,

Rivière-Noire: Deux Jeunes Périssent sous un Bus

Ils se dirigeaient vers Tamarin lorsque leur motocyclette a percuté de plein fouet un autobus qui arrivait en sens inverse. Frédéric Célestin, 29 ans et Alfredo Ephigène, 22 ans, tous deux habitant Cité Atlee, Forest-Side sont morts sur le coup hier dimanche.

09 Sep 2013,

Accidents in Brief

Motorcyclist injured in an accident in Montebello. Intense fire in the North: Traffic disruption

08 Sep 2013,

Accident de la Route: un Septième Mort Depuis Vendredi

Alors qu’elle traversait la route, devant le Plaza, à Rose-Hill, Hemlata Paupamah, 83 ans, est décédée lorsqu’elle a été percutée par une motocyclette. Depuis vendredi 30 août, c’est une série noire qui se poursuit avec cette septième victime, hier jeudi 5 septembre.

06 Sep 2013,

Accident Fatal à Ecroignard: un Motocycliste Meurt en Percutant un Camion

Un sixième cas d’accident rapporté mardi 3 septembre au poste de police de Flacq. Un motocycliste âgé de 37 ans est mort sur le coup, lorsque son engin a percuté de plein fouet un camion en stationnement.

04 Sep 2013,

Accidents: Five Dead Since the Beginning of the Weekend

While Statistics Mauritius noted, last week, the number of accidents is up, just for the weekend, five lives were lost on our roads. The last case concerns a mason who has lost control of his motorcycle in Petit Raffray ...

02 Sep 2013,

Road Accidents: The Number Of Cases Increased

The number of road accidents has increased by 5.5% for the first six months of this year compared to the same period last year. According to "Statistics Mauritius", 82 people died on the road, against 69 for the first half of 2012.

01 Sep 2013,

Accidents: Two More Dead This Weekend

A black series. Since Friday, August 30, the balance sheet is already at four deaths on our roads. The last fatal accident was in 5:00 on Sunday morning, September 1, in Pamplemousses. The other accident took place yesterday at Triolet.

01 Sep 2013,

Pileup on the Highway at Riche-Terre Causes Traffic Jam

It was around 3:00 p.m. this Friday, August 30 that two cars collided. A pedestrian was also injured. He was rushed to the hospital SSR. The accident occurred on the highway near Riche-Terre.

30 Aug 2013,

Accidents: Two Dead In Few Hours, Policeman Stopped

The road has killed two people in the space of a few hours. Monday night, a police van hit a homeless [SDF] in Surinam.

30 Aug 2013,