Road accident Mauritius

"Hit and run" in Flacq: a Sexagenarian Seriously Injured

He lay on the asphalt near his vehicle. Jaykaran Mungroo, 63, was the victim of a "hit and run" at Tuesday, Dec. 17. Seriously wounded, he struggles to survive in Flacq Hospital. The police opened an investigation.

18 Dec 2013,

Accident à Pailles: Violente Collision Entre un Autobus de la CNT et Deux Véhicules

L’état de l’autobus, dont la partie avant a été écrabouillée, et de deux autres véhicules, témoignent de la violence de l’impact. Un accident a eu lieu à Pailles, ce mercredi 18 décembre. Plusieurs blessés sont à déplorer. La circulation est, quant à elle, paralysée.

18 Dec 2013,

Accident at Four Sisters: Resident of Bel-Air Seriously Injured

Aged 37, this resident of Bel-Air has lost control of his motorcycle yesterday, Sunday, Dec. 15, at the Four Sisters. He finished his race on asphalt near an electricity pylon.

16 Dec 2013,

Belle-Rose: Un Piéton Gravement Blessé Après Avoir Été Fauché Par Une Voiture

Il traversait la route à Belle-Rose lorsqu’il a été percuté par une voiture. Grièvement blessé, ce piéton a été transporté à l’hôpital Victoria, où il est admis depuis, vendredi 13 décembre. Son état est jugé grave.

15 Dec 2013,

One Seriously Injured After an Accident at La Tour Koenig

A serious accident occurred around 7 am 35 this morning, Friday, December 13 at La Tour Koenig. This, after a collision between a cyclist and a bus. Seriously injured, a local resident was rushed to the hospital.

13 Dec 2013,

Rose-Belle: A sexagenarian Mowed by a Vehicle

She was crossing a crosswalk at Rose-Belle, when a 4x4 was struck. This woman, aged 65, did not survive his injuries. The accident took place on Thursday, December 12 in the early evening. The driver was arrested.

13 Dec 2013,

Accident: Injured in a Serious Condition after a Skid at Piton

This resident of Piton is in a critical condition in hospital. She traveled aboard a mini-van which ended up in a gutter Grind Good Hope yesterday, Wednesday, Dec. 11.

12 Dec 2013,

Shocking Video: Recording Reveals that Victims were Hit by an Car Moving on an Opposite

The image speaks for itself. The two men lost their lives on the road to Montée ‘S’ Thursday morning they were mowed down from behind by a car. A surveillance camera mounted on a trade in the region recorded the scene of the impact. The car was traveling in the opposite direction.

08 Dec 2013,

Chebel: Truck Overturns Six Pedestrians

A truck overturned six pedestrians (three men and three women) before ending his race in a cane field on Saturday afternoon, December 7 at Chebel.

08 Dec 2013,

Petite-Rivière: He Falls Asleep at the Wheel and Killed Two Foreign Workers

They went to work when they were violently struck by a car yesterday morning , Thursday, December 5 at Little River. What happened exactly for these foreign workers are broke so brutally?

06 Dec 2013,

Accident in Little River: Second Victim Succumbs to Injuries

The death toll mounts. The accident this morning, Thursday, December 5, up to Montée S in Petite-Rivière, was a second victim. Bangladeshi worker died in hospital Jeetoo. A Chinese worker, who was in his company, is, he died instantly.

05 Dec 2013,

Petite-Riviere: Hit By a Car, Pedestrian Was Killed Instantly

Two Chinese walked up to Montée S in Little River, about 5:00 Thursday morning on December 5 when a car has broke. Result: one dead and one wounded.

05 Dec 2013,

126 Deaths On Our Roads Since January

126. This is the number recorded on our roads dead 1 st January and 1 st December this year. For the same period in 2012, this figure stood at 142. Moreover, the approach of festive periods, the police plan to conduct more regular checks to ensure that road safety is respected.

03 Dec 2013,

Accident in Grand Baie: Motorcyclist Died Instantly After Hitting a Mini-Van

Vimal Boddha, a resident of the bag bottom, hit the back of a mini-van that was about to enter the Buddha Club on Sunday 1 th of December at Grand Bay. The motorcyclist, 21, died on the spot.

02 Dec 2013,

Percutée par un Taxi, une Voiture Finit sa Course dans un Salon

Accident spectaculaire à Paillote, aux petites heures de matin du ce dimanche 1er décembre. Une voiture, violemment heurtée par un taxi, a fini sa course dans… le salon d’une famille. La conductrice, une ressortissante allemande âgée d’une vingtaine d’années, s’en est sortie sans blessures.

01 Dec 2013,

Bel Ombre Fatal Accident: Driver Tested Positive for Alcohol

His blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. This inhabitant of St-Martin, Baie-du-Cap, was arrested after causing a fatal accident in Bel Ombre, Thursday, Nov. 28. He violently struck Iswarlall Chamooleeah 58 years.

30 Nov 2013,

Accident in Bel Ombre: Pedestrian Hit By a Car Dies

He was crossing the road near the police station in Bel Ombre when he was violently struck by a car. This aged sixty years man has not survived. His identity is still unknown.

29 Nov 2013,

Accident: Young in Coma

He followed a white Nissan when his motorcycle crashed into the rear of the car. This young man of 23 years was then projected onto the asphalt. Seriously wounded, he was taken to the hospital Jeetoo morning, Monday, November 11. Since then, he is in a coma.

12 Nov 2013,

Port Louis: 83 Years-Old Lady Killed on a Pedestrian Crossing

She was crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing in front of the theater in Port Louis when it was violently struck by a truck yesterday morning Sunday, November 10. Sarojini Sungkur, aged 83 died on the spot. Pope Hennessy Police investigation.

11 Nov 2013,

Trois Accidents, Dont un Fatal Dimanche

Elle a connu une fin tragique. Sarojini Sungkur, 80 ans et habitante de Port-Louis, traversait la chaussée à la jonction des rues Remy Ollier et Jules Koenig, près du théâtre de Port-Louis, dimanche matin, quand un camion l’a heurtée de plein fouet. Elle a rendu l’âme sur l’asphalte.

11 Nov 2013,