Road accident Mauritius

GRNO Accident: Driver Beaten After Hitting a Motorcyclist

A loud noise followed by a crowd. The main road to Grande Riviere North West has seen a surprising accident Wednesday night.

15 Mar 2013,

2 Hit and Run Victims Dead While Third Still in ICU

Three serious road accidents have claimed two lives and left one person in a critical condition.

14 Mar 2013,

Spectacular Crash on GRNO Bridge

A road accident occurred Wednesday, March 13 at 20 h on the deck of Grand River North West (GRNO).

14 Mar 2013,

Two Fatal Cases of "Hit and Run"

Two cases of hit and run (hit and run) were recorded in the wee hours of Wednesday March 13.

13 Mar 2013,

Accident: Another case of Hit and Run Recorded in Grand Bay

Raj Gooroochurn a resident of Cap malheureux, had passed away at the police arrived at 1:00 am, Wednesday, March 13.He had numerous wounds and every reason to believe he was the victim of a drunk driver.

13 Mar 2013,

Insecurity Road: Two New Victims on the Road this Weekend

Two French tourists injured this morning in a collision between a motorcycle and a van in Forbach roundabout

11 Mar 2013,

Accident: List of Victims Grows

The black series continues on our roads. A woman aged 83, was fatally hit by a car at the Staircase Saturday. A victim who joins the eight other cases reported since Sunday, March 3.

11 Mar 2013,

Road Safety: Flashing Red with Eight Deaths this Week

Maha Shivaratree: eight pilgrims victims of road accidents in the evening of Friday, two of them hospitalized

10 Mar 2013,

Woman Killed on Highway Sorèze

A lady of sixty years was killed on the spot, to 4:15 p.m. Friday afternoon on the highway up to Sorèze. She was hit by a BMW.

09 Mar 2013,

Fatal Accident: Seven Deaths on Our Roads in Less Than a Week

Nothing in the course of the day Thursday, March 7, 2013, the road has three new victims, including one in Rodrigues. Three pedestrians and three motorcyclists are among the seven deaths reported since Sunday, March 3.

08 Mar 2013,

Deadly Road: Three Dead in 24 Hours

The list of victims goes on the road with three deaths in 24 hours, including two elderly people have perished in particular, reversed by vehicles.

08 Mar 2013,

Killer Roads Claim Another Victim

29-year-old man, Mamad Meerun, was killed in a road accident at Arsenal on Monday night.

06 Mar 2013,

Manslaughter Charge on Driver after Sunday’s Crash Victim Dies

A driver has been arrested in connection with the fatal car crash that took place on Sunday evening involving two pedestrians in Grand River North West.

05 Mar 2013,

Fatal Accident: Road Claimed Another Victim Last Night

The black series continues on our roads. A motorcyclist of 29 years in addition to two other cases recorded during the weekend that claimed the life of a young cook of 30 years and a 64 year old woman.

05 Mar 2013,

Fatal Accident Rs 80,000 Fine to Reckless Driver

Intermediate Court has imposed a fine of Rs 80,000 to Ranjeet Madoo after it was found guilty of manslaughter.

05 Mar 2013,

Sur le Bus-Stop de GRNO: Une Dame Renversée par une Voiture

Un grave accident de la route s’est produit, dimanche, peu avant 20 heures, à hauteur de l’arrêt d’autobus sur le pont de Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest. Une dame âgée d'une trentaine d'années a été grièvement renversée par une Toyota Corolla de couleur blanche.

04 Mar 2013,

Un Ado Chute d’Une Fourgonnette

L’état de santé d’un adolescent de Chebel, âgé de 17 ans, est jugé très préoccupant après qu’il a fait une chute d’une fourgonnette en marche dimanch

28 Feb 2013,

Accident at La Flora: Clifford Speville Killed Instantly at Age 21

Yesterday, going to buy food at La Flora, he was hit by a truck, which doubled another vehicle on the main road to La Flora. This resident of Grand Bois, who was on a bicycle, died on the spot.

26 Feb 2013,

Accident : une Agente de la CIA Impliquée

La police de Trou-aux-Biches a ouvert une enquête sur les circonstances entourant un accident de la route survenu samedi impliquant une Américaine, agente de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

25 Feb 2013,

Accident: Four Injured at Airport Roundabout

A traffic accident has injured four of the five occupants of white van, registered 1178 ZK 98. The vehicle went off the road about 18 pm a few meters from the roundabout to the airport, heading south.

23 Feb 2013,