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Speed Cameras: More Than Rs 235 Million Fine Since 2010

31 Speed Cameras installed since 2010 allowed the state to garner Rs 235.286 million to date. This is what the Prime Minister said on Tuesday April 8th Parliament. Responding to questions from the member Raffick Sorefan about Navin Ramgoolam also gave details of the number of tickets paid and the number of accidents that occurred under the eye of cameras.

10 Apr 2014, motors.mega.mu

Speed Camera Découpée au Grinder : Ravi Emrit en Liberté Conditionnelle Après 12 Jours de Détention

Ce jeune habitant de Verdun, arrêté mercredi 12 mars pour avoir découpé une Speed Camera au « grinder », peut pousser un ouf de soulagement. Ravi Emrit, 27 ans, a été remis en liberté conditionnelle lundi 24 mars après s’être acquitté d’une caution de Rs 15 000.

01 Apr 2014, motors.mega.mu

Speed Cameras: State Has Pocketed Rs 110 Million Since 2013

Speed cameras have become real slot machines to the state. Since their introduction in May 2013 to 17 March 55,000 tickets were issued, said a police source at the Traffic Branch. And Rs 110 million went into the coffers of the State. To date, the country has 35 fixed cameras.

19 Mar 2014, motors.mega.mu

Caught Speeding, He Steals Speed Camera

Police found the stolen Speed Camera Bonne-Mère and arrested the suspect, a thirty-years-old man.

13 Mar 2014, motors.mega.mu

Bonne-Mère: Speed Camera Stolen

Unique flight occurred Bonne-Mère, Flacq, in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Radar (speed camera) was swept away. Arriving at the scene, police found that the pylon supporting the camera had also disappeared.

12 Mar 2014, motors.mega.mu

Four New Speed Cameras Operational Tuesday

Motorists are warned. Four new Speed Cameras come into operation from Tuesday 18 February.

18 Feb 2014, motors.mega.mu

820 Motorists Flashed by Eight New Cameras

They are already 820 motorists have been flashed by eight new 'Speed Cameras' operational since last week.

28 Jan 2014, motors.mega.mu

Speed Cameras, Anil Bachoo: "Despite the Criticism We Do Not Give Up"

A death on the roads is a death too many. Anil Bachoo emphasize this point and says that despite the criticism of the measures introduced, "the government does not give up. "The Minister of Public Infrastructure maintained at the end of two 'site visits' to Flacq Wednesday.

27 Jan 2014, motors.mega.mu

De Nouvelles Speed Cameras Opérationnelles

Une première partie sera opérationnelle à partir de jeudi et une autre samedi. De nouvelles Speed Cameras ont été installées dans plusieurs régions de l’île. Notamment, le long de la route Port-Louis – Centre-de-Flacq (A2), à Brisée-Verdière et Belvédère, entre autres.

21 Jan 2014, motors.mega.mu

Quinze Nouveaux Radars Opérationnels en Janvier

Elles ne seront pas prêtes pour les fêtes de fin d’année. Quinze nouvelles «Speed Cameras» ont été installées sur les routes depuis deux semaines déjà. Mais c’est vers la mi-janvier qu’elles devraient être opérationnelles, selon des sources proches du dossier.

29 Dec 2013, motors.mega.mu

Speeding: Speed Cameras Not Working?

The Speed Cameras at Trianon, Saint-Jean or Camp Chapelon would be failing? In recent days, several times, drivers have found that those who exceeded the speed limit have not been flashed. The police is confused ...

20 Dec 2013, motors.mega.mu

Sept ‘Speed Cameras’ en Opération Avant la Noël

Quinze nouvelles ‘speed cameras’ ont été installées sur nos routes. Sept d’entre elles entreront en opération au cours de ce mois.

13 Dec 2013, motors.mega.mu

Fifteen New Speed Cameras By the End of December:

By December 31, fifteen new speed cameras will be initiated. They will add to the already functional and twenty six mobile cameras that the police use.

30 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Road Safety: Ten New Cameras Installed

They should be operational by the end of the year. Ten new Speed cameras are being installed across the island. Including Calebasses, Sorèze, morcellement St-André, Grand-Bassin and La Flora, among others.

23 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Speed Cameras: New Radars Operational in Five Villages Soon

Brisée-Verdière-La-tapie, Belvédère, Camp-de-Masque, Bonne-Mère and Écroignard. These are the five villages that have been equipped with Speed Cameras. These are not yet in service. There are still connections and other controls to perform. No date has been set for the entry into operation.

06 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Code De La Route : L’Avoué Gunesh Gagne une Nouvelle Bataille Contre les Autorités

Avoué de profession, Me Hunchun Gunesh, celui-là même qui avait gagné un retentissant procès contre les autorités en démontrant devant la justice que l’usage de limitateurs de vitesse (Speed cameras) étaient tout à fait illégal au moment de l’infraction qui lui était reproché, a, de nouveau, mis la police dans un embarras judiciaire le 21 octobre dernier.

04 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Speed Camera Detector: Sales Soar

With Speed cameras installed everywhere on the roads around the island, there is a market that is expanding: the sale of radar detectors. Such equipment is not prohibited by law, says Ben Buntipilly, road safety adviser to the office of Prime Minister. Focus on these devices ...

28 Sep 2013, motors.mega.mu

15 New Cameras Are On the Way

The second phase for the installation of "Speed Cameras" across the country is engaged. By the end of the year, 15 brand new cameras will be placed at strategic locations, according to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

20 Sep 2013, motors.mega.mu

Speed Cameras: Contraventions Multiply Sunday

According to the latest statistics on offenses taken via the Speed ??Cameras: they are especially on Sundays and motorists are caught in violation. The area most affected Coromandel.

16 Sep 2013, motors.mega.mu

Radars: Coromandel Talonne Roche-Bois

Du 24 juin à jeudi dernier, 3 670 chauffeurs flashés sur l’autoroute à Roche-Bois et 3 300 à Coromandel.

13 Sep 2013, motors.mega.mu

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