2013 Mauritius

Did you eat a naan recently?

Today, the topic is not about the "farata" and "roti" which are very common in Indian cuisine but instead, I will be briefly talking about the one which is widely available during the muslims' fast in the occasion of the eid celebrations.

06 Aug 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Qu’en pensez vous du #WebCup 2013 Maurice?

Je suis vraiment déçu de la premiere compétion WebCup organisée à Maurice. Plusieurs groupes s'y étaient inscris et ils avaient tous 24 heures pour réaliser un site web.

20 May 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

45th independence anniversary celebrations at Stade Anjalay

As you can guess, I was at the Anjalay Coopen stadium for the traditional flag raising ceremony. Lots of pictures in this post.

12 Mar 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Maha Shivratree 2013 – Kanwar’s top part removed to start pilgrimage

Are the authorities waiting for a few to be electrocuted or killed due to their carelessness while building or carrying their kanwars to take appropriate and strict measures regarding Kanwars?

07 Mar 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life