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Parallel Universe? Jerome Tennant Death Coincidence

Jerome Tennant was a Mauritian professional cyclist who died today evening during a hit and run accident on the Midlands highway. (Missed the accident news, check it here). The odd thing is that, it all seems to be like a parallel universe happening. On August 2nd 2011, another Jerome Tennant died after being hit by a car in the Midlands region but that one was not in Mauritius. Check the two screenshots below. Picture 1: Accident in Mauritius: 10th May 2012 Check article here Picture 2: Accident in UK: 2nd August 2011 Check article here Weird coincidence! My sincere condolences …

10 May 2012, Island Crisis

Riambel Mysterious Energy Vortex in Mauritius

The small village of Riambel, found on the south side of Mauritius, is known in the metaphysical world as the location of one of the world’s 14 energy vortexes. For this reason, Riambel is thought of as a center of healing and sees a fair share of people from around the world. I’m sure many of you never even heard about this energy vortex right? I was one of you until some days ago. And I’m still wondering if this is just another hoax. New Age healers claim this particular energy vortex is a link between our dimension and the …

03 Apr 2012, Island Crisis

Parking Noob At Ebene Cyber Tower 1

It happens that some people got their driving license and yet drive like..hmm.. buckets. But ever saw a crazy driver parking his car? We were leaving the office some days ago and came across this fellow. Enjoy! Day 1 -Li Rod Declar Malin So you must be thinking what is wrong with this one. It [...] The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Parking Noob At Ebene Cyber Tower 1

13 Nov 2011, Island Crisis