Angel 1 Mauritius

Angel 1 sinks 67 km off coast at Pointe-d’Esny

The Panamanian ship, Angel 1 has sunk some 67 km from Pointe-d’Esny in the south- east, just after 33 hours it had left Poudre d’Or on Saturday night with 33,000 tons of rice. After three days at sea the captain discovered that the propellers were damaged and the engine room was already eight feet under [...]

28 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Angel 1 rice transfer starts on Monday

The transfer of 32,000 tonnes of rice from Panamanian cargo ship MV Angel 1 will begin on Monday morning with the help of Danish ship Thor Gitta. The ship reached Mauritian waters on Friday and possesses the appropriate equipment for this operation. MV Angel 1 ran aground the reefs near the coast of Poudre D’Or [...]

05 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily

Angel 1 oil pumped in 4 days

The pumping of some 1,000 tonnes of heavy oil from Panamese cargo vessel MV Angel 1 continued on Monday and is expected to end on Thursday. The pumping operation started on August 16. The fuel was pumped on to local ship, The Minorque, which had been specially chartered. The ship will store the heavy oil. [...]

23 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Salvage work on Angel 1 stopped for lack of equipment

The company, Five Oceans Salvage, whose services were retained by the owner of a Panamanian freighter Angel 1, is awaiting the arrival of a powerful generator to pump the 1,000 tonnes of fuel. The pumping exercise began on Monday afternoon but could not continue since the equipment sent to Poudre d’Or was not appropriate. This [...]

17 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily