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René Leclézio: «Notre plateforme va générer de l’emploi dans les arts»

D’ici le 1er décembre 2018, le Caudan Arts Centre sera déjà sur les planches. Pour René Leclézio, directeur général de Promotion and Development Ltd et initiateur du projet, l’objectif est de multiplier les recettes par trois dans ce secteur économique émergent. Et de contribuer au développement de Port-Louis. Le point.

06 Sep 2018,

Picture of the Day: Paining "Beijing 2008" - Code of Controversy

When mention Beijing 2008, most of us will think of the 2008 Olympic Games. Yet, this work is about another China-related game - mahjong. The interest in this particular piece of work is due to the fact that it and its creator, Lui Liu, have caused controversy for years.

17 Jul 2013,

Video of the Day: Awesome Street Artist Showing Skills

18 Jun 2013,

Dodos Landed in Caudan and IFM

The dodos Arts Initiative tandem Nalini Treeboohun/Nirveda Alleck are back and will be exhibited from March 10 to April 2 at Caudan. Then they will go to nest, from April 6, at the French Institute of Mauritius (IFM) at Rose Hill.

02 Mar 2012,

Artist paints life on quirky media

A painting video installation by artist Nikunja is currently on at Imaaya Art Gallery in Pointe aux Canonniers. This will be on till April 16. The artist’s works are inspired by different themes such as dance of Vajrayoghini, Manga characters, Queen of Saba, the artist’s comments on the art of the world, the recent tsunami [...]

07 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily