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Brics Launches Development Bank Ahead of Russian Summit

The group of five major emerging economies known as Brics launched a development bank on Tuesday ahead of a summit in the Russian industrial city of Ufa, where Russia seeks to demonstrate it hasn’t been isolated by Western sanctions.

08 Jul 2015,

BRICS Nations Launch New Development Bank

A new international development bank and multi-billion emergency lending pool are set to be launched by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The move comes at a summit meeting of BRICS leaders in Brazil.

16 Jul 2014,

BRICS and Africa: Mauritius Has Strategy

South Africa will host the fifth BRICS Summit in Durban from 25 to 27 March. The South Africa, in line with its strategy to promote regional integration, has for the first time, invited the regional economies in Africa and the African Union Fifth Summit of BRICS.

29 Jan 2013,