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Opération crackdown: 13 Bangladais en cellule

La police a objecté à leur remise en liberté. 13 des 14 Bangladais arrêtés aux petites heures du matin, mardi 8 août ont été placés en cellule policière. Ils ont comparu devant le magistrat Vignesh Ellayah, à la Bail and Remand Court. L’un d’entre eux a, lui, retrouvé la liberté après vérification de ses papiers.

15 Aug 2017,

Conditions de travail: des Bangladais manifestent devant l’ambassade

Ils sont las de devoir faire face à des conditions de travail difficiles. Une centaine de Bangladais, employés à l’usine Strategic Partners Company Ltd, ont décidé de manifester devant l’ambassade ce mercredi matin 3 mai pour faire entendre leur voix. Plus tôt, c’est devant le poste de police de Lallmatie qu’ils ont manifesté.

03 May 2017,

Bangladesh Is Losing the Battle Against Terror

Last week’s carnage in Dhaka, where jihadists butchered 22 people in an upscale cafe, has triggered a sweeping reassessment of Bangladesh’s vulnerability to terrorism and the spread of Islamism in South Asia more broadly.

08 Jul 2016,

'God wants you to die': Dhaka's long night of terror

To recreate this narrative, CNN used witness accounts, shared either directly with CNN or with friends and family who recounted them to us. Journalists also used information from news briefings and gathered by CNN staffers in London, Hong Kong, Dhaka and Atlanta.

04 Jul 2016,

Bangladesh Killings: Hindu Priest Hacked To Death

A Hindu temple worker has been killed by three men on a motorcycle, local police have said, the latest of dozens of brutal attacks in Bangladesh.

01 Jul 2016,

Bangladesh Arrests More Than 11,000 After Wave Of Killings

Authorities in Bangladesh have arrested nearly 150 suspected militants and more than 11,000 others as part of a crackdown on extremism after a wave of brutal killings.

16 Jun 2016,

Goodlands: Une Centaine d’Ouvriers Bangladais En Grève

Ils ont débrayé. Plus d’une centaine d’ouvriers bangladais de l’usine textile Ji Yun Kniting à Goodlands sont en grève depuis vendredi matin 4 mars.

04 Mar 2016,

Trafic d’Ouvriers Etrangers: l’ex-Employeur des Bangladais Dédouane le Ministre Callichurn

Il n’a jamais rencontré le ministre du Travail Soodesh Callichurn, ni ne comptait lui faire du chantage. C’est ce qu’a affirmé Shaheer Gaungoo, ancien employeur des travailleurs bangladais, dans sa déposition au Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) hier, mercredi 20 janvier.

21 Jan 2016,

Trafic d’Ouvriers Bangladais: un Ministre Victime de «Chantage»

Entre les 22 000 travailleurs bangladais et ceux qui les emploient, il existe plusieurs intermédiaires locaux qui profitent d’un système qui n’est pas réglementé.

19 Jan 2016,

India on Alert After Sunderbans Oil Spill in Bangladesh

Environmental authorities in India are on alert after thousands of litres of oil spilled into a nature reserve in neighbouring Bangladesh.

13 Dec 2014,

New Offensive Floreal Knitwear in Bangladesh

Le Floreal Knitwear Group, which produces 5.5 million pieces per year, plans a big expansion in Bangladesh, where it already produces 1.5 million pieces.

28 Nov 2013,

Foreign Labor: Grand Leaching

Labour Minister Shakeel Mohamed decided Wednesday to suspend until October 15 granting new work permits to foreigners in the construction sector. A measure taken at a time when the foreign labor has become a necessity.

13 Sep 2013,

Textile: Orders from Bangladesh Redirected to Mauritian Manufactures

Following the collapse of a building housing garment factories of textile products in Bangladesh, European stores have opted for Mauritian textile factories for their production. The "Texting" particular group, which also operates in Madagascar, has been awarded a contract with a German customer.

18 May 2013,

Asia's Week: Bad Tidings For Export Processing Zones

Low-wage export manufacturing, often in designated zones, has seeded the early stages of industrialization in many Asian economies. But hazards to health and safety are legion, particularly when independent unions and outside monitors are weak.

29 Apr 2013,

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Rescue Teams Hunt for Survivors

Rescuers are franctically searching for survivors after at least 159 workers were killed and hundreds more injured when an eight-storey complex, housing a factory that supplies Primark, collapsed in the Bangladeshi capital.

25 Apr 2013,

Bangladeshi Workers Send Home Record $13 Billion

Bangladeshi migrant workers sent home a record $12.85 billion in the fiscal year ended in June as overseas jobs soared on the back of new opportunities in the Middle East, officials said Wednesday.

07 Jul 2012,

Bangladesh: 51 Dead Caused Landslides

Fifty-one people died in landslides in south-eastern Bangladesh, after three days of rain that caused flooding and cut transportation networks, authorities said Wednesday.

27 Jun 2012,

Bangladesh: low labor costs attracts textile manufactures

Many Indian garment makers have shifted base or opened new units in neighbouring Bangladesh to take advantage of low labour cost and duty concessions on exports to US and European markets.

17 Oct 2011,

Mauritius is turning to Bangladesh for recruitment

Labour minister Shakeel Mohamed is flying soon to Dhaka to sign an agreement

22 Mar 2011,

Minister goes to Dhaka to sign MoU

Mauritius is turning more and more to Bangladesh for recruitment of foreign workers and, to facilitate their entry, Labour minister Shakeel Mohamed is flying soon to Dhaka to sign an agreement. “It is important to go for such an exercise but the exact day is not fixed yet,” said the minister to The Independent. He [...]

21 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

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