Belle Mare Mauritius

Pêche illégale: deux arrestations à Belle Mare et 125 m de filets illégaux saisis à Poste Lafayette, hier

Joli coup de filet pour les garde-cotes de la région de l’est du pays au cours de la journée d’hier, samedi 17 avril.

20 Apr 2020,

Employees Protest Against HRD in a Hotel in Belle Mare

The words used by the Human Resources Division (HRD) are making waves in a hotel in Belle Mare. And the voltage is raised a notch after the dismissal of a floor monitor. Employees provide a sit-in this morning, Thursday, Feb. 13, to warn about their situation.

13 Feb 2014,

The Body of a Tourist Found in Palmar

Early Tuesday morning, January 7, the police station in Belle Mare was alerted to the presence of a body near the Palmar beach. The identity of the victim is still unknown for the time.

07 Jan 2014,

Prix folies pour la Journée Internationale des Familles 2013

Les Mauriciens seront par milliers à vouloir bénéficier de ces tarifs promotionnels le 18 et 19 Mai 2013. Alors, attendez-vous à des grosses foules, des longues files d'attentes et surtout, des embouteillages, surtout près des centres d'activités.

15 May 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Weird parasailing landing at sea

The incident I witnessed today could have turned into the news headlines of tomorrow. Fortunately, it won't but I brought some pictures for you.

24 Mar 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

RGSC organises sky observation at Belle Mare

In a bid to allow people to discover the splendour of the sky at night, sky observation programmes are often organised across the island by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC). The first three months of 2012 will be prime observing time for planetary enthusiasts. On Friday, it was a good opportunity for the residents [...]

30 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Eco-village at Belle Mare nears completion

According to the acting minister of Finance and Economic Development, Vasant Bunwaree, major infrastructural works, including the construction of the main building and the administrative office at the tourist village at Belle Mare have been completed. However, some pending work is still ongoing and the project will be completed by the end of this month. [...]

21 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily