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Happy New Year 2020

Less than 24 hours to go before hitting year 2020 and unfortunately, the celebrations are going to be spoilt because of the cyclonic conditions caused by Calvania and the whole lot of associated inconveniences during the past 48 hours now. Let's forget the cyclone for a few seconds; Year 2019 in some quick points -...... Continue Reading →

31 Dec 2019, Yashvin, pages of my life

Yashvinblogs Awards 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, For the 5th time in the history, I have the immense pleasure to welcome all of you to the biggest and most prestigious awards ceremony of the Mauritian web, the Yashvinblogs...

13 Jan 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Yashvinblogs Awards 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Warm welcome to the most awaited annual rendez-vous of the blog. Already at its fourth edition, the Yashvinblogs Awards has been a truly enriching series of events in which actors of our country are given the prestigious awards of the blog based on different criteria, namely their actions, activity, participation and sense of humor during the […]

16 Jan 2016, Yashvin, pages of my life

[Guest post] Alarming number of young graduates without a job

It goes without saying that our country has a real problem due to the persistent increase in unemployment among youngsters. Through this guest article, I wanted to express my feelings, share my observations and views about the limited job opportunities in our island. I have gone through so many bad times during the past months and probably many among you have similar experiences too.

28 May 2014, Yashvin, pages of my life

Blog: A Country of Graduates

How come the dream of having a graduate per family for making Mauritius a country of graduates is becoming a nightmare? Daily this project is being questioned. What are the facts? Do people have time to stop and think that it may be the best and biggest project ever undertaken since the introduction of education in this country by the Church and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam's making education universal and free?

07 Mar 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Inducing or compelling President in the exercise of any lawful power

In Le Mauricien of 17 February 2014 Paul Berenger confessed that there had been attempts in the wake of the Remake to topple the government with the help of potential transfuges from the government.

28 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: To Remake or to Unmake - That is the Question

The Remake is a surrendering of the MMM to the ambition not of a party known as the MSM but of a clan known as the Jugnauth clan. The Remake was the beginning of the end for the MMM on account of the gargantuan appetite of the Jugnauth clan for power at any cost. The Jugnauth clan will use that power to take revenge on political opponents politicize institutions, send Navin Ramgoolam to jail, bring back the death penalty and install Pravind Jugnauth in the seat of prime minister. Paul Bérenger who has a big mouth and always claims that …

21 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Remake in Coma/Dead

Does anybody really understand the game, the leaders of the so called Remake Paul Bérenger, Anerood Jugnauth and Pravind Jugnauth are playing after the revelation by Paul Bérenger that they have failed in the primary mission of the Remake to put Navin Ramgoolam into minority in Parliament and thus bring down the government?

21 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Beware of messiah-complex

We are approaching election time and we shall be exposed to serious distortions of democracy in the name of democracy itself. Some will sell the common emotional wares of community, caste, and religion. Others, more subtle tacticians, will seek foolhardy customers for their ideological luggage.

08 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Alteo Project - Coal Unavoidable

On Wednesday when cyclone warning class 3 was announced, the question on everybody's lips was for how long CEB will maintain power supply to the consumers. Of course as usual people were taking precautions buying candles and matches in the eventuality of a power cut.

08 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Combat against Poverty

On 1 February the Prime Minister in his speech to commemorate the abolition of slavery made an impassioned plea for the combat against poverty. Navin Ramgoolam stated that growth and economic development must not accelerate slow social progress that results in creating more disparity and difference.

08 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: The Facebook saga on religion

Whatever reason prompted Ms. Suzanne Hervet to viciously pass disparaging observations on the Cavadee Festival and on Hinduism on 18 January this year in general is yet to be determined. Reactions to that posting on Facebook have been a mixture of laissez faire in the name of freedom of expression, fury, hate, tolerance, blowing an incident out of proportion. There may be some justification of truth or not in any of these reactions. But was the posting justifiable at all even in the name of freedom of expression.

01 Feb 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Blackmailer, enemy within or opportunist

In a very interesting letter published in the media Eliézier François has made bold and written that Xavier Duval is not endowed with the qualities and talents of his father the late Sir Gaëtan Duval but managed to inherit from his late father the art of blackmail.

17 Jan 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Anything for power

I know that in politics, everything is possible. The more so in Mauritius. I think we have seen it all. I am tempted to say that for the convenience of the time and the situation, all parties have made alliances with each other, work together, break, made strange alliances and forever ready to join hands in "national interest" again and again.

17 Jan 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: The Kickoff to 2014 - Maurice c’est un plaisir

The year 2013 is gone forever. One would have thought that certain attitudes and mindsets would have been left behind. Alas that has been a big disappointment. Nothing has changed or will change. Freedom is abused. Anarchy has become a tool. Laws are not complied with. People who are supposed to be role models and intellectuals sink deep in retrograde attitudes.

11 Jan 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: To students of Form 1, 2014

I want to address the thousands of students who will find themselves in a new environment when school resumes in the first term. It is very common to feel like being in a foreign country during the first few days. You should not expect what you have known in primary schools. Now you will have as many teachers as you study subjects. The number of subjects you will have to study may frighten you. Don’t worry. You will take them in your stride as time goes on.

11 Jan 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Words and deeds

A good friend’s wife from US came to spend a weeklong Christmas holidays last December. Coming through the airport, she told me that she was amazed, felt like she has landed in some other airport in a developed country.

11 Jan 2014, Le Matinal

Blog: Recognizing even the failing child

The ploy to derecognize the failing child in order to placate popular greed for success at CPE shows an obtuse and arrogant dimension of elitism. Two important factors have contributed to this impression. The 2013 CPE results have proclaimed the pass rate of first timers only. Repeaters and Prevocational students have been silenced into nullity by being excluded from this year’s results.

27 Dec 2013, Le Matinal

Blog: Stark Truth on Nelson Mandela - Symbol of Freedom or Subservience ?

While sympathising with the families of Nelson Mandela [1918-2013] following his demise on 05/12/2013 and wishing them well, the world should always be aware of the stark truth about Mandela. Nelson Mandela is « The white man’s favourite politician », says Thabo M’beki. Although originally a freedom fighter to liberate South Africa from the clutches of European savagery and oppression, Nelson Mandela ended up being used by the White Establishment as an instrument to further its cause. To show their gratitude, White Europeans, who originally branded him a terrorist, have turned him into a pop star and a demigod through …

11 Dec 2013, Le Matinal

Blog: 9-Year Schooling - A layman’s understanding

The purpose of this paper is not to provide definitive responses to the implementation of the 9-year schooling, but to raise issues to help the reader to understand the complexity of the issue. What are the major questions we should ask ourselves?

30 Nov 2013, Le Matinal

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