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Expenditure on alcoholic drinks rose by 16.2 pc in 2011: CSO

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) tracked the evolution of prices of different sub-indices during 2011. It was found that the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 6 points from 124.4 in December 2010 to reach 130.4 in December 2011. The rise of alcoholic beverages and tobacco by 16.2 per cent is mainly attributed to an [...]

24 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

3.7 pc GDP growth recorded in ’11: CSO

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released official figures on quarterly national accounts on Monday for the first quarter of 2008 to the third quarter of 2011. It was found that in 2010, gross domestic product (GDP) at current basic prices stood at Rs 60,366 million in the first quarter, increased to Rs 63,309 million in [...]

18 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

6.5 pc rise in external trade in Q 3: CSO

The central statistics office (CSO) published data on external trade for the third quarter of 2011 and it shows the value of international trade at Rs 56, 633 million. It is 6.5 per cent higher than the previous quarter and 11.2 higher in relation to the corresponding quarter of 2010. During the third quarter of [...]

05 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

Construction index shows 3.1 per cent rise: CSO

ACCA Members in Mauritius work longer hours than the global average, finds ACCA research amongst its global members. Research published today by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) offers an insight into the working lives, career expectations and salaries of accountants around the world, and also in Mauritius. Madhavi Ramdin, country head for ACCA [...]

15 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Import prices rise by 2.7 per cent: CSO

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has released figures on export and import price index for the second quarter of 2011. The study shows that the export price index (EPI) increased by 0.4 per cent while import price index (MPI) showed a rise of 2.7 per cent. Several factors such as manufactured goods, chemicals and food [...]

11 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Producer price index for agriculture went up by 0.9%

15 Sep 2011, business.mega.mu

Mauritius trade deficit of Rs 16330 million during the second quarter of 2011

The Central Statistics Office published external trade data for the second semester of 2011

15 Sep 2011, business.mega.mu

7.4 pc drop in price of sugar: CSO

The Central Statistics office released figure for producers price index(PPI) in the field of agriculture for the second semester if 2011 on Friday. It showed changes in the receipts of agricultural products for producers and showed that The index for “Sugar cane” for the period July 2010 to June 2011 has been revised from 74.0 [...]

29 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Mauritius CSO published stats on ICT for 2010

It reported on Internet Service Providers (ISP), mobile subscriptions and ICT access by households, among others.

23 Aug 2011, business.mega.mu

CPI up by 0.4 points to reach 127.8 in Q2 2011 in Mauritius

19 Jul 2011, business.mega.mu

CSO figures show men outnumbered

The Central Statistics Office has published the gender statistics for 2010. It gives an idea about the women and men in Mauritius and includes their demographic profile, family status, labour force characteristics and their role in decision making. According to CSO figures, in 2010, there were 17,540 more women than men. It also shows that [...]

07 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

CSO Mauritius: water & energy statistics for 2010

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released figures on energy and water statistics for 2010

15 Jun 2011, business.mega.mu

Trade deficit widens

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has released figures of external trade for the first quarter of 2011 and for 2009 and 2010

01 Jun 2011, business.mega.mu

Tourist arrivals to Mauritius rose 5 percent year-on-year

Tourism typically generates about 10 percent of gross domestic product for Mauritius

19 May 2011, business.mega.mu

Mauritian construction grew for 2.8% in Q1 2011

11 May 2011, business.mega.mu

Mauritian CSO published its Economic and Social Indicators on Governance Statistics

In a previous survey done in terms of good governance in relation to other countries in Africa, the Mo Ibrahim Index had focused on four areas

27 Apr 2011, business.mega.mu

CSO expects economic growth to reach 4.5%

Mauritius and IMF sign MOU to set up the Afritac

22 Apr 2011, business.mega.mu

La moyenne des hausses de salaire dans tous les secteurs d’activités, certains augmentant plus que d’autres

La hausse salariale a été plus prononcée dans le foncier et l’immobilier en 2010

20 Apr 2011, business.mega.mu

Industrie L’indice de production boosté par les exportations

L’indice de production industrielle a connu une hausse de 21,2 % au dernier trimestre 2010 par rapport à la même période en 2009

12 Apr 2011, business.mega.mu

Une hausse de 9 % du PIB attendue

La croissance économique en 2010 a été de 4,4 %, comparés à 3,1 % en 2009

06 Apr 2011, business.mega.mu

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