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«Food Allowance» Dans les Usines: des Mauriciens se Disent Lésés Face aux Etrangers

Après avoir dénoncé la discrimination que subissent les professeurs d’éducation spécialisée, la surexploitation des femmes de ménage dans les écoles et des employés dans des ONG, la Confédération des travailleurs du secteur privé (CTSP) s’attaque cette fois à des usines.

03 Sep 2014, business.mega.mu

CTSP to stage monthly protest against minister

A press conference was held on Wednesday by the Confédération des Travailleurs du secteur privé (CTSP) at Marie Reine de la Paix social centre, Port Louis. The aim was to discuss about the problems that employees in the private sector are facing and also the activities that will take place every month. “We will carry [...]

12 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Minister ponders changes in labour laws

During his speech at the 100th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) held in Geneva, Switzerland, Shakeel Mohamed, minister of Labour and Industrial Relations, said, “The National Tripartite Forum (NTF) will meet soon in Mauritius to discuss upcoming changes to both labour laws the Employment Rights Act (ERIA) and the Employment Relations Act (ERA). [...]

17 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Unions to organise rally in Rose Hill on May Day

Confédération des Travailleurs du Secteur Privé (CTSP) president Reaz Chuttoo announced that several unionists will gather for a rally near Sir Gaetan Duval stadium, Rose Hill to mark Labour Day on May 1. “We will then join the general rally at Beau Bassin,” he added. Chuttoo was speaking at a press conference in Port Louis [...]

28 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily