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Marché du travail : Quel premier job obtenir avec un HSC en poche?

Vous venez d’obtenir votre HSC et vous souhaitez intégrer le monde du travail. Sachez que les opportunités d’emplois ne manquent pas.

12 Feb 2018,

Comment réaliser son CV

Pour certaines personnes, avoir à faire son CV est compliqué. Quoi écrire ? Ou encore, comment le faire bien ? Voici donc quelques informations qui vous aideront à réaliser votre CV.

21 Jul 2017,

The 5 Biggest Resume Debates Among Recruiters—Finally Answered

There’s a lot of resume advice out there—and some of it conflicting. Which makes it pretty hard for you, the job seeker, to know what to do. Should you stick to the one-page format, or is it OK to veer onto the second page? Will a creative resume catch the eye of a hiring manager, or do most people still prefer the tried-and-true traditional layout?

24 Nov 2013,

Why You Should Remove Half the Stuff on Your Resume Right Now

There's tons of advice out there about how exactly to answer interview questions, what to wear to that interview and how to follow-up afterwards, but what if you're having trouble even getting your foot in the door?

17 Nov 2013,

Why You Need Several Versions of Your Resume

You’ve been fishing for a job for a while and so far, not one bite. Not even a little nibble. But before you beat yourself up, it may not be you — the problem may be with your resume. In today’s job market, a one-size-fits-all resume may not do the trick to getting you the job of your dreams. Serious job seekers instead have created several versions of their resume in order to find work. Here are a few scenarios in which you might need more than one version of your resume.

28 Oct 2013,

10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From

Like flowers in early spring, new social media job openings are sprouting across industries as companies of all sizes look to create or expand their social squads.

26 Jul 2013,