Carcassonne report Mauritius

Carcassonne report

Paul Bérenger did not beat around the bush at Saturday’s press conference. According to him the Carcassonne Report on electoral reform is “stillborn.” He commented on the Prime Ministers New Year message before mentioning the municipal elections. He is pushing for the reconsideration of the Sachs report on which the MMM, the Mouvement Socialiste Militant [...]

08 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Suttyhudeo Tengur questions Carcassonne report on electoral reforms

Suttyhudeo Tengur, president of the Government Hindi Teachers Union (GHTU) issued a communiqué where he commented on the Carcassonne report on electoral reforms. “Will the application of the Carcassonne report deepen democracy in Mauritius and also ensure better representation of all communities in a government that is elected on the principle of proportionality?” he questioned. [...]

29 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily