Child Development and Family welfare Mauritius

Ministry involves women in energy issues

To make women familiar with using energy efficiently, the Ministry of Gender Equity, Child Development and Family Welfare will soon organise free information, education and communication programmes. These programmes will be dispensed by the officers of the ministry by the end of this year. “We want to promote the role of women in energy issues [...]

01 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

Squad to inspect nurseries

Following the recent case of child abuse that took place at Le Nid nursery, Quatre Bornes, a special flying squad composing of around 20 persons will be introduced on March 7 to make site visits in various nurseries across the island. The objective is to ensure that the regulations and norms of the Child Protection [...]

01 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Families urged to take in foster children

The minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Sheila Bappoo, met the press on January 25 to comment and elaborate on the Foster Care Programme and on current initiatives to boost the programme.

27 Jan 2011, The Independent Daily