Christophe Caterino Mauritius

French officials to question Lejeune

Vincent Lejeune, suspected of having assisted Christophe Caterino in fleeing to Reunion Island in June 2008, will be interrogated by the French Office Centrale des Stupéfiants at the beginning of the week. Lejeune returned to Paris from Thailand on Saturday and the Brigade des Stups intends to make him hear the version of the former [...]

28 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

MAD claims to hold evidence in Caterino case

The Mouvement Anti Drogue (MAD) held its first meeting of the year on Wednesday at Kaza, Port Louis. MAD members Danny Philippe, Ally Lazer and Cadress Runghen spoke about various issues, including the arrest of Christophe Caterino and drug trafficking.

24 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

Caterino arrested after 20 months

You can run but you cannot hide. Twenty months after he jumped bail and fled the country, Air France flight attendant Christophe Caterino, was arrested in his home village of St Raphael in the south of France.

16 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily