Coca-Cola Mauritius

Nigerians boycott Coca-Cola drinks after court rules them 'poisonous'

Consumers of Sprite and Fanta have more to worry about than rotting teeth according to a Lagos High Court judge, who ruled that the Coca-Cola products could be "poisonous."

28 Mar 2017,

Coca-Cola says it's the first Fortune 500 company to 'balance' its water footprint

Coca-Cola Company says it has fully "replenished" all the water it uses globally to make billions of bottles of soft drinks, juices and purified H20.

05 Sep 2016,

Recipe Change: Coca-Cola Response

Coca-Cola was quick to respond to multiple articles reporting that The Coca-Cola Company would have changed the recipe used in the production of products of the Coca-Cola. "This allegation, completely false and outrageous, comes from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

12 Mar 2012,

Coca-Cola promotes healthiness

An Information and discussion session on nutrition and active lifestyle was organised by Coca Cola and Phoenix Beverages on Thursdayat the Link hotel in Ebene. On this occasion, Coca Cola Indian Ocean Islands and Phoenix Beverages emphasised on the problem of obesity, which is a complex global issue that requires collective effort. At the forum, [...]

04 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily