Curepipe Mauritius

Trou-aux-Cerfs: Access to the Crater

The Municipality of Curepipe began with the Ministry of Environment and sponsors, among others, to redevelop the Trou-aux-Cerfs. It would in particular allow visitors access to the crater.

12 Mar 2014,

Hawkers in Curepipe: Rise of Inspectors and Police Watch

Peddlers have invaded the town after the holiday season again. To the chagrin of merchants, who say they are even more numerous. But the city does not intend to let it go ...

17 Feb 2014,

In Curepipe: When Police Ignore the Law

A user sent Defi Media the following photos taken with a mobile phone. On the first, we see police bicycles parked next to a double yellow line.

28 Dec 2013,

Merchants Curepipe: “Sales Are Catastrophic at Forum”

"Even the fair days, customers are few ..." launch peddlers Curepipe. Fifteen of them are "resigned" to go to the Forum last week on fair days. But, they say, "sales are catastrophic."

13 Dec 2013,

Royal College Curepipe : Plusieurs Activités Prévues en Janvier 2014

Le Royal Curepipe College (RCC) organisera plusieurs activités, notamment le lancement d’une "Commemorative First Day Cover", une exposition d’objets ayant trait à la vie du collège et une collection unique de souvenirs les plus représentatifs du collège, le 13 janvier 2014. L'objectif est ce commémorer le centenaire du bâtiment actuel.

10 Dec 2013,

Street Vendors: Welcome Addresses Other Areas of Curepipe

It persists and signs. The mayor of Curepipe, Mario Bienvenu, is determined to clean up the city street vendors. Thus, after the city plans to tackle other areas where these operate. Merchants refuse to operate the Forum. A demonstration in front of the town hall is scheduled for Tuesday, December 3.

04 Dec 2013,

Curepipe: Hawkers Against Attack

The mayor of Curepipe destroyed their stalls at Piton Building. But this is not to say that the hawkers are resigned. They showed once more their anger in the day Tuesday, December 3. And threatened to start a hunger strike ...

04 Dec 2013,

Mario Bienvenu about Curepipe’s Merchants: "No Turning Back"

The Mayor of the City of Light is sticking to its position. Dealers operating near the station Curepipe will actually be relocated to the Forum.

03 Dec 2013,

Curepipe: Injunction of Hawkers Against the Mayor Dismissed

They will be dislodged. These peddlers, twenty in total, which operated near the station in Curepipe Jan Palach had an injunction in the Supreme Court last Wednesday, November 27. But the Court did not rule in their favor.

29 Nov 2013,

Nouveaux Maires : Les Noms Qui Sont Cites

Bientôt une année depuis que les maires élus lors des dernières élections municipales sont à la tête des différentes municipalités.

28 Nov 2013,

Centres Commerciaux : les Préparatifs de la Noël s’Activent

Le thème de décoration et les activités de décembre n’ayant pas encore été finalisés, et pour réserver la surprise aux visiteurs, le calendrier d’activités n’a pas été dévoilé

18 Nov 2013,

Municipalities: Budget Deficits of Rs 480 Million

The financial situation of the five municipalities is difficult with an estimated Rs 480 million for the 2014 budget deficits. This mainly due to an increase in payroll with the implementation of the report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) and one written by Dev Manraj. Thus, large projects have been suspended pending a better tomorrow.

06 Nov 2013,

Curepipe: Marie Decided to Extend Forum for Rs 1.5 M

Rs 1.5 M. This is the amount that the city council has decided to inject Curepipe to expand the temporary structure of the Forum of Curepipe. It was noted that the temporary structure installed there almost five months, no longer be suitable for gardeners that have taken place there.

27 Sep 2013,

Internet Fiber Optic Bharat Connects Curepipe on Thursday

After Quatre-Bornes in October 2012, is in Curepipe Bharat Telecom will launch its Internet connection via optical fiber. Will officially launch on Thursday.

11 Sep 2013,

Metro-Light: Construction Began In August 2014

The countdown to the enforcement of the proposed metro-light between Curepipe and Port Louis is engaged.

15 Aug 2013,

Municipalities; Cities and Their Big Projects

Installed for about eight months, new political teams cities have had time to clear the field and get to work. If for some priorities have not changed between the former directors and newcomers, for others, there is something new.

08 Aug 2013,

Parking Sauvage À Trou-Aux-Cerfs: Une Solution Approuvée par le Conseil

Une des questions à l'agenda de la dernière séance du Conseil municipal de Curepipe a été axée sur le problème de parking sauvage au Trou-au-Cerfs. Pour lutter contre ce mal et faciliter la circulation dans cette région, la municipalité accepte de donner l'accès aux automobilistes aux aires de stationnement du gymnase James Burty David (GJBD), situé à la rue Edgard Hugues sur les rampes de Trou-aux-Cerfs.

03 Jun 2013,

Building Permits: Curepipe Promotes the Collection of Rainwater

"Any new application for a building permit shall contain provisions for the installation of a system for collecting rainwater," says Kritanand Beeharry, president of the Public Health Committee of the Municipality of Curepipe. This measure is in force since the beginning of this month.

25 Mar 2013,

Looking for Work? Head to Curepipe

The Municipality of Curepipe is hoping to play the role of intermediary between job seekers and businesses.

18 Mar 2013,

Abandonment Of Project Food Court: Relocation of Food Vendors Square Bruce Questioned

Past two years, more than thirty food vendors operating in Square Bruce, next to Gare Jan Palach (Gare du sud) in Curepipe, awaiting relocation to Food Court to be built on the first floor located above the market town. But the project fell through.

29 Jan 2013,