Deva Virahsawmy Mauritius

Ministry warns of rise in sea level impacts to island

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development warns that by year 2100 the island will experience an increase of sea level of between 18 and 59 cm. The ministry has published the findings in a booklet entitled Climate & Ozone Layer Protection. The minister of Environment Deva Virahsawmy told The Independent: “Mauritius is a small [...]

21 Sep 2012, The Independent Daily

In green move, govt eyes aquaculture

The government is mulling sustainable mariculture and aquaculture as a next step to its commitment to the ecology. This is heartening coming just days before the World Environment Day being celebrated worldwide on June 5. “Mauritius is positioning itself as a hot spot for eco-friendly investment for people interested in sustainable mariculture and aquaculture,” said [...]

04 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Govt urges officers to go green

During the launch of the recycling of used mobiles and batteries project on Thursday, the minister of Civil Service Ashit Gungah said that public officers have a key role to play in ensuring sustainable development. The ministry is encouraging officers to adopt ‘green behaviour’ at work and at home. “The promotion of a green mindset [...]

06 May 2011, The Independent Daily