ECB Mauritius

ECB Cuts Interest Rates to Zero Amid Fears of Fresh Economic Crash

The European Central Bank has cut interest rates across the eurozone to zero as it unveiled an unprecedented package of growth-boosting measures against the backdrop of a fragile global economy.

11 Mar 2016,

Europe Will Print Money, it's Just a Matter of Time

The president of the European Central Bank, whose 2012 pledge to save the euro helped Europe crawl out of its debt crisis, is being called upon to perform another rescue mission.

09 Jan 2015,

Europe’s Bank Takes Aggressive Steps

Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank president, is reaching deep into his toolbox to revive the region’s moribund economy.

05 Sep 2014,

European Central Bank Vows Thorough Review of Banks at Risk

The European Central Bank on Wednesday outlined the parameters for a wide-ranging review of commercial banks that is designed to expose and fix any problems and ultimately allow credit to begin flowing normally again, a prerequisite for faster economic growth.

24 Oct 2013,