EU Mauritius

Surpêche Du Thon: Le Lobby Européen Fait Reculer Maurice

La question de surpêche du Yellowfin Tuna (thon jaune) dans l’océan Indien n’est pas près d’être réglée.

02 Jun 2016,

Migration Circulaire: Onze Pme Reçoivent 3 000 Euros Chacune De l’Union Européenne

Après avoir suivi des formations en Italie, des entrepreneurs mauriciens impliqués dans des activités liées à la pêche, au tourisme et à l’agro-industrie vont bénéficier d’un financement de Rs 118 000 chacun.

19 Apr 2016,

Britain Receives Proposals for ‘Better Deal’ to Stay in the E.U.

The European Union offered a proposal on Tuesday intended to keep Britain as a member of the bloc, setting out compromises on hot-button issues like immigration and setting up a referendum as early as this summer on whether the country wants to retain close ties to the Continent or go its own way.

03 Feb 2016,

Migrant Crisis: EU Leaders Meet with Focus on Turkey

European leaders are to discuss measures to ease the region's migration crisis, with Turkey the focus of their efforts in Brussels.

15 Oct 2015,

Transparence et Fiscalité Internationale: Maurice n’Est Plus sur la Liste Noire

L’Union européenne (UE) a décidé de ne plus considérer Maurice comme faisant partie des juridictions qui ne coopèrent pas en matière d’échange de renseignements et de transparence. Elle l’a enlevée de sa liste noire des pays non coopératifs.

15 Oct 2015,

Greece Arrives at Last-Chance Talks Empty-Handed

Greece’s last-ditch effort to secure its place in the eurozone had a rocky start when its finance minister arrived at a meeting of counterparts without a fresh rescue proposal.

07 Jul 2015,

Why Greece Matters for Everyone

Like it or not, Greece is a domino that will have ripple effects throughout the rest of the world

06 Jul 2015,

Euro off Greece-Driven Lows after SNB Intervenes

The euro came off its lows on Monday as the Swiss National Bank said it intervened in the market to weaken the franc, with the single currency little changed on the day after initial steep losses on concerns that Greece was on the brink of default.

29 Jun 2015,

European Court Reverses Designation of Hamas as a Terrorist Organization

Strains between Israel and parts of Europe intensified on Wednesday when the European Union’s second-highest court reversed the bloc’s designation of the militant Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organization.

18 Dec 2014,

Sucre: Perspectives de Plus en Plus Sombres

L'Union européenne prévoit une baisse de 42,5% du prix du sucre d'ici à 2017 avec l'abolition des quotas comparativement aux 723 euros la tonne de 2012

09 Dec 2014,

Russia Faces New U.S., EU Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis

European Union governments agreed on Thursday to begin their new sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis on Friday but could lift them next month if Moscow abides by a fragile truce, while the United States prepared its own fresh sanctions.

12 Sep 2014,

Russia Sanctions: Who Will Be Hurt the Most?

They are the toughest sanctions imposed on Russia since the Cold War, but who will they hurt the most?

31 Jul 2014,

Ukraine crisis: European Union Hits Russian Intelligence Chiefs with Sanctions

The European Union on Friday extended its Ukraine-related sanctions to target top Russian intelligence officials and leaders of the pro-Russia revolt in eastern Ukraine, official documents showed.

26 Jul 2014,

E.U. Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Officials, Stops Short of Tougher Penalties

The European Union agreed Tuesday to expand a list of Russian entities and individuals subject to asset freezes and travel bans and threatened to target vast sectors of the Russian economy if Moscow does not act swiftly to rein in rebels believed to have shot down a Malaysia Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine.

23 Jul 2014,

Cameron’s Protests Rebuffed as European Commission Leader Is Chosen

European Union Nominates Jean-Claude Juncker for Commission President

30 Jun 2014,

Development Assistance: Europe Grants Rs 200 Million to Mauritius

The European Union (EU) grants € 5.1 million (Rs 200 million) to civil society and local authorities to promote the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

21 Apr 2014,

Access 34 EU Tuna Vessels To Mauritius EEZ

The European Union Council of Ministers has ratified Protocol between the European Union and the Republic of Mauritius at its ECOFIN session. This is part of definitive endorsement of its fisheries sector Partnership Agreement. Singed in February 2012, the final decision has not been taken until now due to legal differences.

12 Feb 2014,

EU Delegation to Meet at White House Over NSA Spying Concerns

A delegation of European Union officials will continue their fact finding mission Wednesday when they meet with White House officials over recent revelations that the National Security Agency spied on European leaders and their citizens.

30 Oct 2013,

Geo Govinden, Foreign Representative of Sugar Union in Mauritius: Sugar Industry at Risk

The European Union (EU) has decided to abolish sugar quotas in 2017. The price of the Mauritian sugar and block African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) likely experience a decline of 45%.

28 Jun 2013,

ESA-EU: Exemption Obtained for the Export of 2000 Tones of Canned Tuna

Maurice has granted an exemption for the export of additional volume of 2 000 tonnes of canned tuna to the countries of the European Union (EU). This development was discussed at this week's meeting between the ACP countries in the region of Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) signed the interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, held in Mauritius this week.

17 May 2013,