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Liste des Filles Admises Dans les Collèges Nationaux

886. C’est le nombre de filles qui seront admises dans les collèges nationaux en janvier 2012.

13 Dec 2011,

Liste des Garçons Admis Dans les Collèges Nationaux

L’heure de vérité a sonné pour les 26 012 candidats ayant pris part aux examens du Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) cuvée 2011.

13 Dec 2011,

Mauritius CPE Result 2011

Fin du suspense pour les candidats ayant pris part aux examens du Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) cuvée 2011. Ils sont plus de 26 000 candidats qui recevront leurs résultats ce matin, mardi 13 décembre. Le Dr Vasant Bunwaree a insisté que tout est fin prêt pour que la distribution se fasse dans les meilleures [...] The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Mauritius CPE Result 2011

13 Dec 2011, Island Crisis

CPE: Fin du Suspense Mardi

Le suspense prend fin mardi, jour de la proclamation des résultats du Certificate of Primary Education (CPE).

11 Dec 2011,

New Education Bill Against Tuition Displeases GTU

The Government Teacher Union (GTU) affirmed to be against the amendment of the Education Bill. This bill was passed in parliament on Tuesday night.

01 Dec 2011,

Beginning of the Summer School Program on November 23?

The Summer School Program is already talking about him even before its entry into force. Suttyhudeo Tengur wonders why Eastern languages are excluded from this project. The President of the Government Hindi Teachers' Union has also reported to the Prime Minister his concerns.

17 Nov 2011,

Evaluation Of CPE Exam Papers Begins

The evaluation of 2,100 pupils who appeared for the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations began on Tuesday. The exams were held from October 18 to 21. The results are expected in mid-December.

09 Nov 2011,

Higher Education - The MIE becoming a university

38 years after its creation, the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) emancipated. The institute is poised to become a university. If all goes as scheduled, it's later than next year that its status will become a full university.

02 Nov 2011,

Certificate of Primary Education exams begin today

The Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations will begin in all primary schools across the island on Tuesday with 26,078 candidates from Mauritius and Rodrigues appearing for the French and Science papers.

18 Oct 2011,

Éducation secondaire – L’État généralise un plan d’emprunt

Les collèges privés auront bientôt des fonds pour se remettre à niveau. Les ministères des Finances et de l’Éducation travaillent sur un plan d’emprunt avantageux pour les établissements secondaires du privé.

11 Oct 2011,

ICT school to train 10,000

The ICT Academy is expected to open its doors by the end of October. Work on the project, which will revolutionise the sector, has been progressing.

03 Oct 2011,

Constance Education Award ceremony

"This kind of competition leads to the complete and holistic development of students while widening their general knowledge"

07 Sep 2011,

Each faculty of the University of Mauritius (UoM) will receive Rs 1 million

"We are planning to make PhDs mandatory in order to teach at the university level in the next 10 years."

06 Sep 2011,

Mauritius: Plans to become a regional knowledge hub

In order to promote higher education, about MUR11 billion has been allocated this year to the Ministry of Tertiary Education

05 Sep 2011,

Mauritius Human Resource Development Council focuses on entrepreneurship

Since July 2007, 2,932 students have completed an internship

23 Aug 2011,

ICT have to be accessible to all in Mauritius

The information and communication technology sector according to the latest CSO report climbed from fifth place to clinch the third spot

22 Aug 2011,

Financial Literacy essay competition was launched by Bank of Mauritius

Entry forms can be downloaded from the BoM’s website

01 Aug 2011,

University of Mauritius was ranked 35th among the 100 best universities in Africa

The arrival of a foreign Vice-Chancellor has proved to be beneficial for UoM. Since Professor Konrad Morgan has taken the reins of the administration of the Réduit campus in 2010,... Read more »

30 Jul 2011, KotZot

The first book of Physical Education in Mauritius

The education minister pointed out that there is a lack of PE educators in schools and he wants to ensure that there are at least one or two PE teachers in each school

29 Jul 2011,

Microsoft sponsors digital literacy course in Mauritius

SOS Poverty handed out certificates to 250 beneficiaries of the Microsoft Digital Literacy and Microsoft Unlimited Potential programmes

26 Jul 2011,