Everest Mauritius

Most Sherpa Guides Depart from Mount Everest After Deadliest Disaster

KATMANDU, Nepal - Most Sherpa mountain guides have decided to leave Mount Everest, a guide said, confirming a walkout certain to disrupt a climbing season that was already marked by grief over the lives lost last week in Everest's deadliest disaster.

23 Apr 2014, business.mega.mu

Everest Avalanche Kills at Least 12 Sherpa Guides

At least 12 local guides have been killed after an avalanche on the slopes of Mount Everest, Nepali officials say.

19 Apr 2014, business.mega.mu

First Mauritian to Climb Everest – Jaysen Arumugum

Jaysen Arumugum is a Mauritian with ambition. He aspires to be the first of his nation to climb the highest peak on each continent. Having already succeeded in climbing five... Read more »

18 Feb 2011, KotZot