FSM Mauritius

FSM leader wants name cleared

With the government break-up in July, Front Solidarité Musulman (FSM) leader Cehl Meeah, who has openly shown his interest to join the government, wants charges against him dropped. With the municipal and village council elections right around the bend, he is conscious of his striking force. During the last elections, his party was for the [...]

23 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

FSM awaits PM nod to hop on govt train

The Front Solidarité Mauricien (FSM) and its leader Cehl Meeah presented themselves as the trump card for both the government and the Opposition during a press conference at Marie Reine de La Paix social centre on Tuesday. According to Meeah, politicians must work together to find solutions to get out of the economic crisis. “It [...]

17 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

FSM to support party showing nation’s interest

The leader of the Front Solidarité Mauricien (FSM), Cehl Meeah believes that the political situation in the country is very serious. He said that everyone is waiting for Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam to return and clarify the situation. Meeah added that he would support the party that has the nation’s best interests in mind. [...]

28 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

FSM to field 33 pc women candidates

The Front Solidarité Mauricien (FSM) is ready to field more women candidates in the next municipal elections. This was stated by FSM leader Cehl Meeah, at a press conference in Port Louis, on Friday. This will allow the party to comply with the new Local Government Bill, which the Ministry of Local Government and Outer [...]

09 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily