Faugoo Mauritius

Faugoo denies influencing board

At the National Assembly on Tuesday, the minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Satish Faugoo has denied any intervention in the board decisions for running the Rose Belle Sugar Estate (RBSE). He answered a private question by Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM) MP Mahen Seeruttun about the sale of RBSE to the Indian Consortium limited This [...]

16 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Faugoo emphasises use of biotechnology

Speaking at the opening of a workshop on agricultural biotechnology on Wednesday at Domaine les Pailles, the minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Satish Faugoo stressed on the importance of vigilance concerning the looming threats of a food crisis similar to 2008. The workshop was organised by the US Embassy and was chaired by Professor [...]

13 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Faugoo aims at self sufficiency in food

Food, water and energy have become the biggest global challenges and agriculture is a fundamental instrument for sustainable development. The government aims to make Mauritius self-sufficient in potatoes by 2015. The same is being considered for onion and garlic. “What we have been doing for potatoes can also be done with onion and garlic,” said [...]

12 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Faugoo launches onion farming

Mauritius is a country where agriculture is one of the key callings. This was said by the minister of Agro Industry and Food Security, Satya Veyash Faugoo at the launching ceremony of the ‘Initiative to Onion Cultivation 2011’ at Nouvelle Découverte on Thursday. The Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute has developed a variety of onion [...]

10 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Faugoo targets self sufficiency in potatoes

In order to promote potatoes, a campaign for the versatile vegetable was launched on April 21 at La Brasserie in the presence of the minister of Agro-Industry Satish Faugoo. The campaign primarily intends to enable Mauritius to become self-sufficient when it comes to this commodity that is greatly appreciated and consumed in large numbers by [...]

22 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily