Floods Mauritius

Flash Floods: Difficult to Predict According to Experts

The preliminary report of Singaporean experts on the tragedy of March 30 said it was difficult to predict the 'flash floods'. This was announced by the Prime Minister during a religious ceremony organized by the Mauritius Andhra Maha Sabha, Grande Riviere North-West part of the festival Ougadi Thursday.

12 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: Port-Louis Accused The Government Of Covering Up The Channels Without Approval

The controversy over the reasons for the floods of March 30, is not ready to désenfler.The mayor of Port-Louis recalled that in October 1999, it had served a notice to the government against the work of the Thumb Creek and Butte-au-Thonnier.

11 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: Confidential Report Involves the Work of the Third Way

This is obstruction of Ruisseau du Pouce by debris in the work of the third lane on the highway would cause a discharge of water during deadly floods Caudan on Saturday March 30.

10 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: Two Executives of General Constructions Interrogated

The Chief Engineer and Project Manager of General Construction Co Ltd were questioned by police in part of investigation into the causes of floods Saturday, March 30. CEO of the company rejects any responsibility.

06 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Risk Of Heavy Rains: All Higher Institutions Closed In 14 Hours

The public and private universities will close at 2:00 p.m. this Friday, April 5. The decision was taken by the Ministry of Higher Education because of the new weather risk.

05 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Inondations - Aux Assureurs: La FSC pour un Traitement Juste et Expéditif des Réclamations

Insurers Association : fonds de solidarité d’au moins Rs 500 000 pour les victimes

05 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Assurances : Attention aux Litiges

Suite aux inondations de samedi, la Financial Services Commission (FSC) anticipe un grand nombre de dossiers de dédommagements déposés dans les compagnies d’assurances du pays.

04 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Eric Ng: "Rs 400-500 Millions Damage Caused by Floods"

Economist Eric Ng estimate the cost of floods Saturday, March 30 between 400 and 500 million rupees. This is only a rough estimate, while waiting for a detailed assessment of the damage.

04 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: What Economic Impact

The floods have once again struck, but this time were more deadly and very devastating, causing serious damage to homes and vehicles, among others. The economic impact is quite big, but the nation console that it could have been much worse.

04 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: Insurance Need to Be More Flexible

Mauritius has faced torrential rains. But those last Saturday having caused such a rise in the water indicate an exceptional situation.

03 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Floods: Claims for Vehicles Could Exceed Rs 100 million

The car insurance companies are facing an unprecedented situation. Claims for cars that were damaged during the floods could reach Rs 100 million.

03 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Floods and Insurance: Claims Tens of Millions of Rupees

Claims to insurance companies already have tens of millions of rupees after the floods recorded during the weekend. This is what early figures obtained from some large insurance companies. These claims cover both auto insurance and other types of insurance coverage including general trading houses, equipment and product inventory as well as private residences.

03 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Assurances – Ce Qu’il Faut Savoir. File d’Attente Prévue Chez les Compagnies d’Assurances

Votre voiture a subi des dégâts lors des inondations ? Votre commerce/maison a été inondé(e) ? Abdel Ruhomutally, Deputy Managing Director de GFA Insurance, vous explique ce que vous devez savoir.

02 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Following Saturday Floods : The Sluggish Economy Monday

The Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, announces the payment of compensation to flood victims. He appealed to the solidarity of companies that experience a slowdown in their activities earlier this week. All agree that it is too early to estimate the cost of the floods in the country.

01 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

The Water in Port-Louis Restored Wednesday

Water supply in the capital should return to normal by Wednesday, April 3. This was announced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Utilities, Rashid Beebeejaun during a press conference Monday.

01 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

CASSIS : Le Pire Evité de Justesse sur La Nationale

De nombreuses réclamations d’assurance pour des dégâts aux véhicules lors des pluies torrentielles de samedi pourraient être enregistrées dès l’ouverture des bureaux mardi.

01 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Classes Resume Tomorrow: The Ministry's Decision Known This Afternoon

If flooding this weekend did not cause major damage to the schools in the country, apart from accumulations of water in some classes resumed tomorrow is not certain. Following the release of the weather station that rain could continue in the next few hours, the Department of Education this afternoon waiting for his decision.

01 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Floods: 3 New Deaths in Port-Louis

The bill of flooding increases. Two human bodies were left in the afternoon building Harbour View, Port-Louis and another was found in the street La Chaussée late afternoon.

31 Mar 2013, business.mega.mu

Heavy rain: the Capital Was Paralyzed by Floods

Of heavy rain falling on much of the country since mid-day. Port-Louis, flooding made many roads impassable important, creating a traffic jam that has paralyzed the city center.

31 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Heavy Rains: Eighth Death in the Floods in Port Louis

It is the sixth drowned pedestrian tunnel leading to the Port Louis Waterfront. One woman died of a arrêt cardiaque, Great River and a man fell into the stream of Thumb.

31 Mar 2013, business.mega.mu