Freeport Mauritius

Mauri-China: to Optimize the Tax-Free Port Asset

A partnership between Mauritius and Hong Kong investor group, Mauri, China has experienced rapid success as a developer in the area of Freeport.

01 Nov 2013,

Promote Trade Relations and SMEs

The government intends to boost trade relations. In this context, a Freeport Status will be granted to companies which export to Africa. Other Freeport Zone will be set up in the port and the airport.

10 Nov 2012,

Women’s fair at Freeport

The Salon de la Femme (women’s fair), a public fair organised by Editiel Ltd, will be held on November 26 and 27 at the Freeport in Mer Rouge. The exhibition hall will be divided according to different themes to offer visitors a wide range of practical and useful advice for their daily life. Experts will [...]

03 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily