Gender Equality Mauritius

Gender Statistics : Les femmes touchent Rs 5 500 de moins que les hommes

Si les femmes sont plus nombreuses à faire des études supérieures poussées, ce n’est pas pour autant qu’elles sont mieux loties que les hommes.

19 Jul 2018,

Additional shelters needed for abused kids

The Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare is working on a series of measures to alleviate the ‘housing crisis’ for children who are victims of abuse. The shelter houses and institutions charged with caring for victims of violence, that fall under the responsibility of the ministry are operating at maximum capacity and [...]

08 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

Govt sets up pilot project to curb poverty

A number of important issues were on the table during the Cabinet meeting on Friday. Among the points discussed included the setting up of a ministerial committee to examine the import of foodstuffs and other products from Japan. Committee to look into imports from Japan A ministerial committee will be set up to look into [...]

26 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily