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Merkel faces tough coalition talks as nationalists enter German parliament

Angela Merkel faces tough negotiations in coming weeks as she attempts to engineer a governing coalition that can withstand pressure from the far right, which has swept into the German parliament for the first time in over five decades.

25 Sep 2017,

Germany can fine Facebook up to $57 million over hate speech

Digital rights activists worry that the new law will curb free speech.

30 Jun 2017,

Berlin Christmas market attack detainee may not be driver, police say

An asylum seeker detained by police after a large truck was rammed into a Christmas market in Berlin may not have been the driver, Berlin police said.

20 Dec 2016,

Deutsche Telekom 'hack' affects nearly a million customers

An attempt to hijack consumer router devices for a wider internet attack caused network outages that hit hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany, a company executive said.

29 Nov 2016,

Air Mauritius étend son réseau sur six nouvelles destinations allemandes

La compagnie d’aviation nationale a étendu son réseau en Allemagne avec six nouvelles destinations à partir du 1er octobre 2016.

03 Oct 2016,

Commerzbank says to cut nearly 10,000 jobs, halt dividend

Commerzbank on Thursday said it would cut nearly 10,000 jobs or more than a fifth of its workforce and stop paying dividends for the time being as it restructures to become profitable on a more sustainable basis by 2020.

29 Sep 2016,

Syrian blows himself up outside German music festival, 12 wounded

A 27-year-old Syrian man denied asylum in Germany a year ago blew himself up on Sunday outside a crowded music festival, injuring 12 people in the country's fourth violent attack on members of the public in less than a week.

25 Jul 2016,

Munich shooting: Teen kills 9 people in shopping district rampage

A teenage gunman killed nine people in a shooting rampage at a shopping district in southern Germany -- before police found his body on a nearby street, authorities said.

23 Jul 2016,

Afghan refugee shot dead after slashing attack on German train

A youth described as an Afghan refu­gee attacked passengers with an ax late Monday aboard a German commuter train, injuring at least four people before being shot and killed by police, authorities said.

19 Jul 2016,

L’Allemagne Sollicitée Pour Retracer l’Itinéraire De Rs 110 Millions De Ramgoolam

Deux enquêteurs, dont un chef inspecteur du Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID), étaient récemment en Allemagne.

20 May 2016,

Eight Dead, 50 Seriously Injured After Head-on Train Crash in Bavaria, Germany

Eight people are dead and 50 seriously injured after a head-on collision between two trains in Germany's southern state of Bavaria, a police spokesman says.

09 Feb 2016,

Cologne Attackers Were of Migrant Origin - Minister

The German official responsible for investigating the attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve says the suspects were "almost exclusively" those with a migration background, mainly North African and Arab.

11 Jan 2016,

Germany Agrees to Spend $6.7 Billion More on Asylum Seekers

Germany’s ruling coalition on Monday agreed to spend 6 billion euros ($6.68 billion) more on asylum seekers and to tighten rules for those seeking sanctuary in Germany, as the influx of migrants is expected to set a post-World War II record this year.

07 Sep 2015,

Austria Plans to End Measures Allowing Migrants from Hungary and Move 'Towards Normality'

Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary into Austria and Germany since Saturday and move step by step "towards normality".

07 Sep 2015,

Migrant Crisis 'a German Problem' - Hungary's Orban

Hungary's leader says the migrant crisis facing Europe is a "German problem" since Germany is where those arriving in the EU "would like to go".

03 Sep 2015,

Hundreds of Migrants Protest at Budapest Station, Want to go to Germany

Hundreds of migrants protested in front of Budapest's Eastern railway station on Wednesday, shouting "Freedom, freedom" and demanding to be let onto trains bound for Germany but the station remained closed to them.

02 Sep 2015,

Angela Merkel to Visit Asylum Shelter After Wave of Far-Right Attacks

German chancellor, who has been under pressure to take public stand against protests, will meet volunteers and refugees at shelter in Heidenau

26 Aug 2015,

Robbers Strike at Berlin's Famed KaDeWe Store

Jewelry robbers struck at Berlin's famous KaDeWe department store Saturday, smashing display cases and running off with their loot.

20 Dec 2014,

Lights and Celebration Where a Wall Divided Berlin

Frank Ebert, a human-rights activist from East Berlin, was so sure the breach in the Berlin Wall was temporary that he spent part of his first day in the West stocking up on ink, paper, books and other materials that would be impossible to get once he returned to the Communist side.

10 Nov 2014,

Massive Explosion at Chemical Waste Plant Rocks German Village

An explosion at a chemical waste plant near a village in northern Germany has left at least one person severely injured and dozens of homes damaged. Firefighters managed to bring the ensuing blaze under control.

10 Sep 2014,

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