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'What Have You Accomplished This Week?'

This question will help you and your employees gauge where you're at today (instead of where you're headed). Here's how.

08 Aug 2013,

A Messy Desk Can Influence Perceptions of Your Professionalism

We're all about getting rid of office clutter here —usually for the sake of our own sanities—but it turns out you may have a bit more motivation than that to stay tidy.

30 Jul 2013,

Find the Right Hires for Each Stage of Your Startup

It might be a great idea that launches your startup, but don't kid yourself--your company's fate depends on your team.

11 Jul 2013,

Anita Hurreesing: "The Seminars on Productivity Must be Followed by Concrete Action"

What is the role of Human Resources in a company and what are the qualifications required for the professional who leads the department key?

29 May 2013,

10 Perks Your Small Business Can Afford

Perks that make your employees happy don't have to cost an arm and a leg--really.

21 May 2013,

5 Attributes of a World-Class Workforce

There’s a technology-driven revolution happening in HR these days. It’s called self-service and it gives employees more power over their careers. In a nutshell, self-service gives people control over many functions that used to be handled by HR.

08 May 2013,

5 Tricks for Working With Millennials

Your youngest employees are creative, bright, and a complete disaster to manage. Here's how to turn the mess around.

22 Apr 2013,

5 Keys to Recruiting the Best of the Best

Great employees are important to any company's success, but especially critical at a start-up. In the tech sector, a great software developer will produce more than 10 mediocre ones--and likely avoid costly missteps in the process.

17 Apr 2013,

4 Tricks Highly Effective Teams Use

Want to get your team working more effectively? It turns out that teams, like individuals, need self-awareness to be really successful.

12 Apr 2013,

HRDC: Launch of the Second Edition of the HR Excellence Awards

The Human Resource Development Council has recently launched the second edition of the HR Excellence Awards for HR professionals. Interested parties have until May 31 to enter this contest. The winners will be announced at a gala on October 18 at the Le Meridien Hotel in Pointe-aux-Piments.

08 Apr 2013,

How to Hire an IT Professional

How do I make sure my full-time IT hire knows his or her stuff?

27 Feb 2013,

A Lie-Detector Test for Resumes

The furor over new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's inaccurate resume is shining a spotlight on inadequate employee vetting. Thompson, the third Yahoo CEO in the past year, claimed to have a computer science degree, which he doesn't, along with his actual degree in accounting.

14 Feb 2013,

How to Hire Superstar Employees

How solid is your current hiring process? One of the best ways to get the right talent on board is to have a trusted hiring process in place. Here's a six-step process you can adopt as is or tailor to meet your needs.

13 Feb 2013,

Attacked by Bears? 9 Craziest Excuses for Being Late

Survey reveals that today's employees favor far more colorful excuses than, say, "My dog ate my homework."

12 Feb 2013,

3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything

Employee fit is crucial. Here's a simple way to know if a job candidate is right for your business.

09 Jan 2013,

7 Ways to Socialize With Your Employees (and Not Get in Trouble)

Whether you need to foster teamwork, get a major project underway, or just show your team a fun time, there's a wholesome - but not utterly nerdy - way.

27 Dec 2012,

Minimize the Emotional Impact of Firing Someone

One of the hardest things to do as a manager is to tell an employee he’s fired. Here are three tips for handling this gut-wrenching situation:

26 Dec 2012,

How Praising Employees Can Help Your Business Thrive

It's no secret that employee praise -- ranging from a pat on the back to major public kudos -- is a good thing.

11 Dec 2012,

Three Steps to Stop a Team Fight

Working with teams can be a frustrating experience, especially when seemingly straightforward conflict devolves into personal or protracted disputes. Next time your team members start throwing proverbial punches, take these three steps to get them to stop fighting and start working:

10 Dec 2012,

3 Employees You Need To Fire. Now

You know the saying: Hire slow, fire fast. Here are the people you need to get rid of, right now.

07 Dec 2012,

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