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Cavadee 2014 in Mauritius Photos

Here are some photos for the celebration of Cavadee in Mauritius this year. The photos were taken at Vacoas today morning. Please note that we’re loading only 20 photos per page so that we do not slow down the loading […]

17 Jan 2014, Island Crisis

Cavadee 2013 in Mauritius Photos

The Thaipoosam Cavadee 2013 was celebrated today 27th January in Mauritius. Like every year, we bring you some photos of the pious celebration dedicated to Hindu divinity Muruga. This year I was quite busy with some other work, so I unfortunately missed the celebration at Vacoas. So for a change, ...Read full article on Island Crisis: Cavadee 2013 in Mauritius Photos.

27 Jan 2013, Island Crisis