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The ICTA recommends a fair and responsible use of social networks

The regulatory Authority of the information and communication technologies, ICTA wishes to draw the attention of the public and especially of internet users, on the use of social networks such as Facebook, in a responsible manner and by showing respect to others. Due to the increasing number of complaints on some comments posted by Mauritians [...]The post The ICTA recommends a fair and responsible use of social networks appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

15 Aug 2012, KotZot

Internet: ICTA Provides Operating Permit to Third Operator

The Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) has offered a license to Network Service Provider to the Belgian company Belgacom. This company will be authorized to sell access to bandwidth in Mauritius.

01 Aug 2012, business.mega.mu

Massive Fraud on International Calls: Lax Operators Concerned ICTA

A formal notice was served to ICTA, whereas the association of companies the amount of international calls to act quickly. A fraud scheme was to come into operation earlier this year but still does not work.

24 Jul 2012, business.mega.mu

Access to MT Bandwidth: ICTA Opens Way for Other Operators

ICTA offers to other operators access to bandwidth infrastructure of Mauritius Telecom (MT). This only applies to calls and international data transfers.

27 Apr 2012, business.mega.mu

Telephone tapping: no direction of the ICTA

Listening to telephone calls and telephone piracy were discussed extensively in this Tuesday, October 18 at the time of the questions addressed to the Prime Minister. The opportunity for Navin Ramgoolam for clarification regarding these practices.

18 Oct 2011, business.mega.mu

ICTA to set up national IPv6 task force soon

During the workshop that focused on the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 , minister of Information Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum said, “A National IPv6 Task Force including both public and private sector stakeholders to foster the deployment of IPv6 in Mauritius will be set up under the aegis of my Ministry.” The workshop was held on [...]

23 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily

ICTA filed a police complaint against Harish Boodhoo

In his post, Boodhoo has made serious allegations not only on the public life of the Prime Minister but also on his private life

17 Aug 2011, business.mega.mu

Offering free WiFi zones in Rodrigues is on the ICTA’s agenda

ICTA will make a fact-finding visit to Rodrigues from July 28 to 30

28 Jul 2011, business.mega.mu

ICTA workshop fpr radio operators in Mauritius

The objective of the workshop is to inform operators and other key players about the application of the deployment standard

27 Jul 2011, business.mega.mu

Doper la connectivité avec Wi Fi Mauritius

Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, ministre des TIC, annonce que le projet pilote de 'Wi Fi Mauritius' sera lancé cette semaine. Il évoque également dans cet entretien la mise en place de l’ICT Academy

13 Jul 2011, business.mega.mu