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Search Expands for AirAsia Flight QZ8501; Jet Likely at 'Bottom of the Sea'

The search for a missing airliner with 162 people aboard will expand Tuesday, the Indonesian government announced.

30 Dec 2014,

AirAsia Jet with 162 on Board Goes Missing on Way to Singapore

The search is on for an AirAsia plane carrying 162 people that lost contact with air traffic control in Indonesia on Sunday.

28 Dec 2014,

Indonesia landslide: Many Missing in Java

At least 18 people have died and more than 90 are missing after a landslide on Indonesia's main island of Java.

14 Dec 2014,

New Leader Takes Oath of Office in Indonesia

Joko Widodo, a commoner who was born in a Javan slum, was sworn in on Monday as president of Indonesia, completing an improbable political rise from hometown mayor to leader of the world’s fourth most-populous nation.

21 Oct 2014,

With the Election of Joko Widodo, Indonesia Writes a New Chapter

For the first time, the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation, and third biggest democracy, has an Everyman for President

23 Jul 2014,

Mass Evacuation in Indonesia as Java Volcano Erupts

Tens of thousands of Indonesians have fled their homes after a volcano erupted in east Java.

15 Feb 2014,

Strong Earthquake Shakes Eastern Indonesia

A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake rattled the Java region of eastern Indonesia on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

25 Jan 2014,

WTO Overcomes Last Minute Hitch to Reach Its First Global Trade Deal

The World Trade Organization reached its first ever trade reform deal on Saturday to the roar of approval from nearly 160 ministers who had gathered on the Indonesian island of Bali to decide on the make-or-break agreement that could add $1 trillion to the global economy

07 Dec 2013,

Picture of the Day: Light From Heaven

Photo and caption by Pimpin Nagawan

05 Dec 2013,

6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck early Sunday off Indonesia, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

01 Dec 2013,

Spying Row: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Accuses Tony Abbott of Taking Claims too Lightly

The president of Indonesia has lashed out at Tony Abbott in a series of angry tweets, accusing the Australian Prime Minister of taking the spying scandal too lightly.

19 Nov 2013,

Shark Week Special: Best Places to Swim With Sharks

Megalodon may be extinct, but other sharks have been making headlines lately.

17 Aug 2013,

Picture of the Day: Yadnia Casado

July 24, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Villager catches a net chicken thrown by Hindu pilgrims in the crater of the volcano Bromo during the festival Yadnia Casado

25 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Going Big at Padang Padang Beach in Bali

The surfing wave at Padang Padang beach in Bali is known as the 'Balinese Pipeline'.

02 Jul 2013,

All Safe as Lion Air Plane Misses Bali Runway, Lands in Sea

All 108 passengers and crew miraculously survived when a Lion Air Boeing 737 missed the runway on the balmy Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday and landed in the sea.

13 Apr 2013,

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Northern Sumatra, Indonesia: 4th August 2012

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has struck NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA at a depth of 35.6 km (22.1 miles), the quake hit at 11:24:15 UTC Saturday 4th August 2012

05 Aug 2012,

Indonesia: Strong Earthquake Causes Panic at Sumatra

An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred Wednesday west of the Indonesian island of Sumatra (northwestern), without causing a tsunami warning but arousing great panic among the population that left one dead .

25 Jul 2012,

Le Séisme en Indonésie a Permis de Tester les Réponses au Risque

Le tremblement de terre d''une magnitude de 8,6 qui a frappé mercredi au large de l'Indonésie a permis de tester les procédures mises en place depuis l'effroyable tsunami de décembre 2004 et d'identifier les points qu'il faudra encore améliorer.

12 Apr 2012,