Integrated Resort Scheme Mauritius

Four IHS projects

The Invest-Hotel Scheme (IHS), a new hotel concept, is now available to the Mauritian public. With regard to its economic importance, the Board of Investment (BOI) has said that the IHS is an investment strategy for wider participation of the Mauritian diaspora to ensure their direct involvement as investors, entrepreneurs and promoters of tourism. The [...]

30 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

IRS replenishes state coffers with Rs 17 bn

Between 2005 and now, the government has earned Rs 17 billion with the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and Rs 1 billion with the Real Estate Scheme (RES). Till date, only two IRS projects, including the ones at Tamarin and Belle Riviere have been completed while the Anahita project is in its 2nd, while Villa Vallriche [...]

01 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily