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MSM not against wheel of change: Jugnauth

The Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM) is in favour of an electoral reform which takes on-board the best loser, said party leader,Pravind Jugnauth at his weekly press meet at Port Louis on Sunday.“The best loser system assured inter-communal harmony for a long time and it cannot be discarded,” said Jugnauth. However, he does not want to [...]

30 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth attributes split to differing cultures

In his budget speech on Monday, the leader of Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), Pravind Jugnauth explained the reasons for the split in the Alliance de L’Avenir. He said, “We are sitting in the opposition today because there has been a clash between two different cultures,” he said. He added that there was no team spirit [...]

22 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Can Anerood be driven back to the post of PM?

Since the past weeks, the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Aneerood Jugnauth has been showing signs which are differently interpreted by the population and political observers.

14 Nov 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Jugnauth Jr needs therapy, says Jeetah

At a press conference held on Saturday, MSM leader and former Finance minister Pravind Jugnauth had said that degrees from Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM), based in Sikkim and which has a campus in Mauritius, are not recognised by the University Grants Comission (UGC), New Delhi. This issue is also in the [...]

04 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth banks on ‘sage’ to save country

The leader of the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), Pravind Jugnauth said at a press meet on Saturday in Port Louis that a very wise man, ‘a sage’ may come back on the political scene to save the country from the quagmire. He did not, however, give any details simply saying, “Future will tell us who [...]

24 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth’s appeal for cabinet memo access in court Nov 22

The debate on the complaint filed by Pravind Jugnauth in the Supreme Court on October 3 regarding his request for access to Cabinet Memorandum will be discussed on November 22. The case was heard on Thursday morning in front of the deputy master and registrar, Nicholas Ohsan-Bellepeau. The leader of the MSM filed a case [...]

21 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth dares PM to freeze payment

In a meeting held in Highlands, the leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth challenged Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam to freeze the payment of the MedPoint clinic worth Rs 144.7 million. Jugnauth said, “The money for the payment of the MedPoint clinic is still on the island.” He also compared his father Sir Anerood Jugnauth [...]

14 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth ready to face anti-graft body

“I am waiting for ICAC to summon me,” this statement was made by Mouvement Socialiste Mauricien (MSM) leader Pravind Jugnauth on the MedPoint case at a gathering in Mahebourg on Sunday. He also said that he would not hesitate to denounce all those involved in the case including Rajesh Jeetah who was minister of Health [...]

29 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth slammed for sexist remarks

Talking to The Independent on Thursday, Nushrat Gunoo fumed, “This is unacceptable.” Gunnoo, a lawyer by profession, is the vice-champion of Women in Politics. “How dare he (MSM leader Pravind Jugnauth) say that Mireille Martin was on ‘sale by auction’?” she asked. She continued, “How about the MSM men including Jim Seetaram, appointed minister, who [...]

19 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Jugnauth led a BOI delegation in Geneva

The forum was attended by 100 top executives from leading Swiss-based firms

22 Jul 2011, business.mega.mu

Loan paid up, says Jugnauth

At the National Assembly on Tuesday, vice prime minister and minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth made a statement on the acquisition of MedPoint clinic with the loan sanctioned by the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM). Jugnauth referred to last week’s private notice question and said that in February 1992, DBM Ltd sanctioned a loan of [...]

02 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Govt not to offer salary compensation for now

The government will not provide any salary compensation for the recent price increase in basic consumer products until the financial year is over. This was announced by minister of Finance and Economic Development Pravind Jugnauth who was speaking at a press meeting on the recent price increase held at his office, Port Louis, on Friday. [...]

19 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily