LRT Mauritius

Penalty Points: Effective April 1, Injunction Proposed by Opponents

The penalty points come into force on April 1. The minsitre Anil Bachoo confirmed in the second part of the Grand Journal of Radio Plus Tuesday. The common front of the transport sector remain unsatisfied, because the minister was adamant that all motorists will be housed in the same boat regarding the license points.

22 Feb 2013,

LRT: Preliminary Exercise Before Final Call for Proposals

The work of the first phase of the LRT - on the axis Curepipe - Port Louis - will begin in October 2014.

21 Feb 2013,

LRT: Survey of Mauritian Households

Under the light rail project whose construction is expected to begin in October 2014, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has appointed Grant Thornton audit firm and consultancy, for he conducts a household survey on the fluidity traffic in the country.

18 Feb 2013,

LRT: Stations depend Location on "Park and Ride" Possibilities

Nothing is done regarding the route of the light rail in Mauritius. These are criteria circulation around the stations that will determine the way of the subway.

18 Feb 2013,

Métro Léger : une Première Etape Franchie

C’est décidé. Le gouvernement va de l’avant avec le projet tant attendu qu’est le Métro léger. Un appel à manifestation d’intérêt a été lancé mardi par le ministère des Infrastructures publiques au niveau national et international. Le délai pour la soumission des offres expire le vendredi 12 avril.

06 Feb 2013,

Light Rail and Public Transport: Competition or Complementarity?

It is left for the LRT. This time, the project is well on track, with the first sod given in 2014. Meanwhile, meetings are activated with the Singapore Corporation of Enterprise, pending the introduction of tenders in September. However, the project concerned operators and public transport workers.

30 Jan 2013,

Light Rail System: The Countdown Starts

On the cards for almost two decades, the Mauritius Light Rail Transit System (MLRT) project is seeing light long last.

28 Jan 2013,

The Tenders for LRT Launched in September

A delegation from the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) arrived in Mauritius in late January for discussions on advanced light rail project.

25 Jan 2013,

Métro Léger: Cette Fois c’Est Bon, le Chantier Sera Lancé en Octobre 2014

Longtemps brinquebalant, le projet métro léger se précise. Le gouvernement annonce sa mise en chantier en 2014 de même que la création d’un département qui pilotera le projet.

25 Jan 2013,

LRT: Over 50 Investors Interested

The light rail project advance. A Market Sounding Exercise took place on Friday between those involved in the case to Port Louis and those interested in investing. Fifty foreign investors participated in this exercise.

22 Jan 2013,

LRT: Singaporean Technicians To Work Next Week

The future of the project as announced and awarded emerged drawers, light rail, based on the recommendations of Singaporeans. Consultants will start work next week. (Photo: PM on a tram during her visit to Singapore in September 2010)

26 Sep 2012,