MCIT Mauritius

Defence finds flaws in police report

The Michaela Harte murder case has taken a new twist with the presentation four witnesses in the District Court of Mapou on Monday for the preliminary enquiry. These are assistant superintendent of police (ASP) Ahmad Reshad Dilawally, ASP Mardemootoo, police photographer Satish Sharma Jeewuth and police draftsman Rajen Hurgobin. Defence lawyers Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, Ravi Rutnah [...]

28 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Nunkoo’s DNA found at crime scene

DNA tests performed by experts of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) have confirmed the presence of Sanjeev Nunkoo’s DNA at the crime scene. Nunkoo is the prime suspect in Helen Lam Po Tang’s murder. It has also been reported that he used a knife to commit this crime. The calls and text messages exchanged between [...]

11 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Le propriétaire de CDelight retrouvé mort au restaurant

Les limiers de la CID de Quatre-Bornes, en collaboration avec leurs collègues de la Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT), enquêtent depuis ce matin sur un cas de “dead body” retrouvé... Read more »

18 Apr 2011, KotZot

Naraynen spends extra night

One of the suspects in the Michaela Harte muder case, Dassen Narayanen, who was pursued under a provisional charge of complicity to commit theft, paid a bail of Rs 200,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 500,000 on Tuesday. On Monday, the magistrate of the District Court of Mapou, Sheila Bonomally, had granted [...]

29 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily