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à chamarel : les rallyes automobiles perturbent les habitants

Bloquer l’accès public pour que des férus de rallyes automobiles s’adonnent à leur passion. Une situation qui est loin de plaire aux habitants de Chamarel. Par la voix de leur ancien président du village, Rico L’Intelligent, ils expriment leurs griefs.

05 Nov 2016,

MRC hosts talks on coronary diseases

The Mauritius Research Council organised a half day seminar on Wednesday at its seat in Ebene. This focused on the prevalence of coronary disease and the recent evolution of mortality caused by coronary heart disease on the island. The aim of the seminar was mainly to inform health professionals and other key players concerned about [...]

08 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily

MRC tips on how to get research funding

Developing and nurturing research culture among local researchers is one of the main objectives of the Mauritius Research Council (MRC)

27 May 2011,

The Mauritius Research Council (MRC) hosts meeting with researchers tomorrow

The meeting, which will host around 200 people

30 Mar 2011,

MRC hosts meet on Mar 31

The Mauritius Research Council (MRC) will organise a Research Alliance Meeting with researchers on March 31. The meeting, which will host around 200 people, aims to familiarise researchers and other stakeholders with the various facilities offered by the MRC to stimulate and promote research and development activities in various fields like scientific, technological, social and [...]

29 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily