MSPA Mauritius

Deal MSPA-GM: 700 arpents de terrains à être finalisés

Le deal de dix ans intervenu entre la Mauritius Sugar Producers Association (MSPA) et le gouvernement en 2007 arrive à terme cette année. Cela concernait l’octroi de 2 000 arpents de terrains. Selon le ministre de l’Agro-industrie, Mahen Seeruttun, il reste encore 700 arpents à être finalisés.

17 Jan 2017,

Question de Primes aux Ex-Grévistes: la MSPA Assouplit sa Position

Le ton des sucriers a changé depuis le changement de gouvernement. Il y a encore quelques semaines, ils affirmaient que «les employés grévistes n’auront droit à aucune rémunération pour la durée de la grève».

17 Dec 2014,

MSPA, JNP reach agreement

The Mauritius Sugar Producers Association (MSPA) and the Joint Negotiating Panel (JNP) reached an agreement late Thursday night regarding the ongoing dispute in the sugar sector. This was officially announced by the minister of Labour Shakeel Mohamed. The documents will be signed at the minister’s office on Friday. Four points from the list of 21 [...]

17 Aug 2012, The Independent Daily

MSPA is being unfair: PM

Speaking about the recent turmoil in the sugar industry the Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam stated: “I understand the plight of workers and I believe what Mauritius Sugar Producers’ Association (MSPA) is doing is unfair.” “However I am glad to know that a meeting is planned and I hope that a solution will be found,” [...]

09 Aug 2012, The Independent Daily

Sugar Industry: The Joint Negotiating Panel Calls for the Creation of a Post Slavery Fund

The Joint Negotiating Panel (JNP) expressed in full agreement with the recommendations of the Commission Justice et Vérité (CJV). For unionists, it is essential that the descendants of slaves and indentured laborers are restored to their dignity.

12 Dec 2011,

508 social housing units completed by NHDC

Some 508 housing units costing Rs 325 million are almost complete. These are being built by the National Housing Development Company Ltd (NHDC) in ten different regions. This announcement was made on July 6, by the minister of Housing and Lands, Dr Abu Kasenally, during a site visit at La Tour Koenig. These will cater [...]

08 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

Unions denounced the refusal of the Mauritius Sugar Producers Association

The MSPA wants negotiate at the level of individual sugar estates

13 Apr 2011,

CSG marches against soaring prices on April 2

Confederation Syndicale de Gauche (CSG) will hold a demonstration on April 2 in Port Louis. This was stated by Serge Jauffret, the CSG spokesperson, at a press conference on Tuesday in Port Louis. The demonstration will start at Port Louis at 1.30 pm on Brabant street where many workers from the agriculture, hotel and port [...]

29 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily