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Nomination : le beau-frère du ministre Yogida Sawmynaden à la Mauritius Post Ltd

Cette nomination est intervenue en mars 2017 et elle est diversement commentée depuis quelque temps.

24 May 2017,

La Poste se Met au Code Postal

Existant dans de très nombreux pays depuis des lustres, le code postal était encore inconnu des Mauriciens. Ce jusqu'à ce que la poste décide de l’introduire il y a quelques jours.

22 Aug 2014,

Who cares about the TNT “Going Digital” survey?

2 days ago, we received a piece of paper in our letter box. You probably did too. Now that the deadline is over, who did really fill in the paper?

14 Apr 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

E-commerce, Customer-Service Insurance and Proximity to Mauritius Post Ltd.

Mauritius Post Ltd presents its strategic plan for 2012. The use of new technology, diversification and customer service will be proximity some of the highlights of this plan.

22 Feb 2012,

Mauritius Post Celebrates 240 Years

This year, the Mauritius Post celebrates 240 years of the advent of postal services in Mauritius. To mark this event, a series of activities will be organized throughout the year.

15 Feb 2012,

Sik Yuen urges SMEs to innovate

Michael Sik Yuen, the minister of Business, Enterprise, Commerce and Consumer Protection, inaugurated a small and medium enterprise (SME) fair on Wednesday morning at the Port Louis Waterfront Esplanade. The fair, which will go on for four days, endeavours to improve the access of SMEs to the local and tourist markets. It is also a [...]

30 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily