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Walmart and Microsoft team up to fight Amazon

Under a five-year deal announced Tuesday, Walmart will boost its use of Microsoft's cloud services and work with the tech firm on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

17 Jul 2018,

Bill Gates just switched to an Android phone

The billionaire Microsoft founder told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace he recently switched to a mobile device that runs Google's Android software.

27 Sep 2017,

Des licenciements possibles au bureau local de Microsoft

Inquiétude parmi les employés de Microsoft à travers le monde et également à Port-Louis où est implanté le quartier général de Microsoft Iles de l’Océan Indien (IOI&PF) et du Pacifique francophone.

06 Jul 2017,

Technologie : Microsoft implantera deux data centers dans la région

Microsoft vient d’annoncer qu’elle a choisi la région, et plus précisément l’Afrique du Sud, pour y implanter deux centres de données pour ses services régionaux de « cloud computing ». Ces infrastructures auront des répercussions à Maurice.

31 May 2017,

Microsoft's new Surface Pro has 13.5 hours of battery life and LTE option 115

Microsoft is launching a new Surface Pro today, and it’s dropping its numbering scheme as a result. While many were expecting a Surface Pro 5, Microsoft’s new tablet / laptop hybrid is simply the Surface Pro from now on.

23 May 2017,

Google: Microsoft's Windows Security Could Be Hacked With One Unopened Email

As bad flaws go, this one was particularly nasty. Google found a flaw in a security tool used in all modern Windows systems, known as the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, that allowed total remote control over a vulnerable PC by just sending an email.

09 May 2017,

Microsoft's future phones might not even look like phones

Microsoft is such a damn tease. Despite launching its last flagships, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, in November 2015, Microsoft's not giving up on phones yet. In fact, Microsoft's future devices may not even look like phones as we know them today, according to the company's CEO.

05 May 2017,

Microsoft Warns Users Not to Install Its Latest Windows Update, For Now

With its Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft promised that users would have the option to postpone future updates for a limited period of time and many rejoiced. But now that the update has started rolling out, it’s become apparent that there are still some stability issues and performing a manual installation isn’t recommended right now.

27 Apr 2017,

Optimisation fiscale : la MRA s’intéresse au cas de Facebook, Google et Microsoft

Maurice pourrait suivre l’exemple de l’Australie qui a décidé d’obliger les multinationales de l’informatique à cesser de déclarer, dans d’autres juridictions où les impôts sont plus faibles, des revenus engrangés sur son marché.

03 Apr 2017,

Robots that take people's jobs should pay taxes, says Bill Gates

ill Gates has called for a tax on robots to make up for lost taxes from workers whose jobs are destroyed by automation.

23 Feb 2017,

Avec la collaboration de Microsoft: le MIE lance le campus virtuel

Le Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), en collaboration avec Microsoft, a lancé, cette semaine, sa plate-forme de ressources d’apprentissage en ligne baptisé « MIE Virtual Campus. » Cette plate-forme permet d’accéder et de partager des ressources pédagogiques et des cours en ligne.

14 Feb 2017,

Google reveals dangerous Windows 10 bug

Google and Microsoft are butting heads over the disclosure of vulnerabilities. On Monday, Google revealed a critical flaw in Windows after it gave Microsoft a ten-day window to warn the public about it.

01 Nov 2016,

Yahoo scanned all of its users’ incoming emails on behalf of U.S. intelligence official

Yahoo in April of last year began secretly scanning the incoming emails of its hundreds of millions of users to comply with an order from the U.S. intelligence community, a move that prompted at least two company officials to leave, according to a former Yahoo employee familiar with the matter.

05 Oct 2016,

France orders Microsoft to stop tracking Windows 10 users

Data protection authority gives Microsoft three months to comply with French privacy laws

27 Jul 2016,

7 Ways Microsoft Can Make LinkedIn Worth $26 Billion

Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for $26 billion dollars, or $196 per LinkedIn share, a 50% premium to the Friday market closing price of $131.

14 Jun 2016,

Microsoft Sues U.S. Government Over Data Requests

Microsoft Corp has sued the U.S. government for the right to tell its customers when a federal agency is looking at their emails, the latest in a series of clashes over privacy between the technology industry and Washington.

15 Apr 2016,

Microsoft Meets With Private Equity Over Yahoo Deal

Microsoft Corp executives are in early talks with potential Yahoo Inc investors about contributing to financing to buy the troubled Internet company, a person familiar with the situation said.

31 Mar 2016,

Bill Gates Says Giving FBI Access to iPhone Info No ‘Special Thing’

In the days since the FBI revealed it needs Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters, many have taken sides in what the company, resisting the request, has framed as a debate about fundamental civil liberties.

23 Feb 2016,

Microsoft Retreats Back to the Low-End with the Lumia 650

Since Microsoft took control of Nokia's Lumia smartphone brand, it hasn't exactly been cranking out the most compelling of hardware. The recent(ish) Lumia 950 and 950 XL are the closest it's come to new flagships, but today the company's retreated back into its comfort zone with the low-end Lumia 650.

15 Feb 2016,

Microsoft Shows Off Its New Confidence with the Surface Book

In the 20 months since Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, we've seen the company go through a lot of changes. Microsoft has slumped over the last decade and its doing everything it can to make sure it doesn't fall short over the next ten years.

07 Oct 2015,

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