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Between Coal and Renewable Energy: The National Energy Commission Wedges Featured Government

In line with government policy for sustainable island (MID), the National Energy Commission (NEC) recommends renewable energy at the expense of coal. Paradoxically, the agreement between the Central Electricity Board (CEB) and CT Power for the installation of a coal plant in Albion will be signed soon.

09 Dec 2013,

Report of the NEC: Maurice Can Switch From Coal

The government said it would proceed with the CT Power project. But the confidential report of the National Energy Commission submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers goes in the opposite direction. It indicates that the country can move from coal and recommends particular to natural gas. Focus on alternatives he proposes.

28 Nov 2013,

Another Coal Plant at Jin Fei?

The announcement raises questions already. Minister Abu Kasenally said in Parliament there a proposal for a coal power plant in the area of development of Jin Fei, at Riche-Terre. The controversy may swell while protesting the proposed CT Power in Pointe-aux-Caves maintain pressure ...

28 Nov 2013,

Confidential Report: NEC Disclaims CEB and Coal

In its report, the National Energy Commission (NEC), established by the Council of Ministers, is in favor of renewable energy for economic, financial and ecological reasons. It discourages the production of energy from coal. The document, obtained exclusively by Radio Plus, therefore discourages the introduction of CT Power.

27 Nov 2013,

Report Of National Energy Commission Unveiled

This is an exclusive Radio Plus: Integrated Energy Plan 2013-2022 of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) goes against the concept of "Sustainable Mauritius Island." This is one of the highlights of the report of the National Energy Commission (NEC), report that Radio Plus has revealed the outline Monday morning Nov. 25 even though it has not yet been made public so far.

26 Nov 2013,

Secteur Énergétique : Relations à Haute Tension Entre NEC, CEB et CT Power

CT Power affirme être victime d’une campagne de dénigrements de la part de la Commission Manraj

15 Jul 2013,

National Energy Commission: Only 16 Submissions

Take cognizance of complaints and projects for energy production, as is the role of the subcommittee hearing. He started the 34th appointment Wednesday 29 and it still has more than 16 others before compiling the final report to be submitted to the High Committee of NEC.

30 May 2013,

NEC: Several Innovative Projects

The National Energy Commission (NEC) has received four people Wednesday to hear their proposals in the energy sector. These hearings provide an opportunity for members of the public to make a presentation of renewable energy projects. Wednesday's session was chaired by Mohamed Osman.

17 May 2013,

NEC / CEB: Relations in High Voltage!

Energy policy and the need for the proposed coal power plant of 100 MW in Pointe-aux-Caves, Albion, continue to debate with the backdrop of a real tussle between the National Energy Commission (NEC) and the Central Electricity Board (CEB).

21 Apr 2013,

Energy Planning: CT Power, CEB Position of Judge and Jury

Challenge to the presence of representatives of CEB on the NEC with the hearing of the promoters of the day CT Power

29 Mar 2013,

Energy Policy: The Guarantee of Rs 6 md is Debate

The proposal from the Nation Energy Commission (NEC), chaired by Dev Manraj, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), to freeze consultations with CT Power until the financial guarantee of Rs 6 billion to Rs 8 billion or set, is a central concern of the authorities.

14 Mar 2013,