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GTU: une nouvelle ONG créée pour stopper «le carnage» sur la route

Sa mission: aider à réduire le nombre d’accidents de la route. Elle, c’est Action for Road Safety, une nouvelle organisation non-gouvernementale (ONG) créée par la Government Teachers’ Union (GTU), le syndicat des enseignants du primaire.

30 Nov 2016,

Pauvreté : Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo Annonce que l’État Injectera Rs 100 Millions dans le Projet Love Bridge

Le gouvernement injectera Rs 100 millions par an dans le projet Love Bridge qui aidera à combattre la pauvreté absolue.

28 Aug 2015,

Barclays is Launching a Competition to Reward Social Work

Barclays Colours of Life Award . This is the name of the contest launched by Barclays Bank Thursday, Sept. 19. This national competition aims to reward social projects focusing on education, socio-economic development, the fight against social evils, welfare and the environment.

25 Sep 2013,

NGO reaches out to children online

Halley Movement an NGO working for children launched an online counselling service on Wednesday. The service on hopes to encourage children victim of abuse to seek help online where counsellors will guide them. Speaking at the event, Gender equality minister Mireille Martin stated that child development and protection ranks very high on the agenda [...]

13 Sep 2012, The Independent Daily

8 NGOs receive cheques under special prog for women, children

On Monday the minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare Mireille Martin handed over cheques to eight Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) under the Special Collaborative Programme for Women and Children in distress. Martin pointed out that since the beginning of the year, 16 NGOs have benefitted from an amount of Rs 10,300,000 under [...]

14 Aug 2012, The Independent Daily

Public Health: NGOs and Businesses Come Together to Create Health Business Coalition

The private sector offers to network NGOs and authorities in the health sector. The Health Business Coalition (HBC), a network of many organizations and NGOs, was established to develop national strategies against diseases that are growing in Mauritian society.

31 May 2012,

Rodrigues NGOs receive Rs 1.4 million

The Circle Charitable Trust donated Rs 1.4 million to 13 organisations involved in sports and agriculture as well as those that look after people suffering from mental and physical disabilities in Rodrigues. The handing over event was held at the Rodrigues Regional Assembly on Saturday in the presence of the ministers of Fisheries and Social [...]

18 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Education key to fight poverty: NGOs

On Sunday, the World Poverty Day which falls on October 17 was celebrated at the State House, Réduit. Some 1,500 people attended the event. On that occasion, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) called for better strategies on the part of the government to fight the scourge of poverty emphasising on the need for education which is [...]

10 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

NGO educates women on foetal alcohol syndrome

An awareness campaign organised by non-governmental organisation, Étoile d’Espérance was launched in hospitals on Friday to inform women about foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This problem is linked with alcohol consumption during pregnancy and is common in Mauritius. However, according to the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, many people are not aware of the [...]

12 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily

3 NGOs got a total of Rs 2.25 million

These are the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Curepipe, the Society for the Welfare of the Deaf and Action Familiale

06 Sep 2011,

NGO asks for village library

The Minister of Arts and Culture Mookhesswur Choonee responded positively on Saturday to a request made by Claudia Ladouceur, teacher and vice chairwoman of Groupement Social de la Poudre d’Or for the village to be equipped with a library. Claudia Ladouceur, vice chairwoman of the Social Poudre d’Or informed the minister of Arts and Culture [...]

22 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

NGO holds talk on drug abuse

In October 2009, the first Conference on Opiate Abuse and Harm Reduction Services in Mauritius brought together over 150 participants including civil society, government and the private sector. Local, regional and international actors working in the field of harm reduction contributed to a successful conference that took stock of the risks and harms associated with [...]

09 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Dookun-Luchoomun announces national policy on NGOs

The Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions is working on a national policy for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Mauritius. This was announced by the minister of Social Security, Leela Devi Dookhun-Luchoomun, during an award ceremony held in Port Louis on Monday. Three NGO volunteers were rewarded on the occasion. “I have no [...]

26 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

Innodis débourse – Rs 2,8M pour son CSR

30 May 2011,

NGO says no to garden fencing

An association, Collectif Mouvement Pavillon Libre, addressed an open letter to the minister of Local Government and Outer Islands Herve Aimée on World Earth Day with regards to the fencing work of the Jardin du Pavillon at Quatre Bornes. The association sent a letter on May 16 and it contained opinions from several public personalities. [...]

17 May 2011, The Independent Daily

NGO fights for lesbian, gay rights

The time has come to break down prejudices against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. This was announced by Nathalie Ahnee, president of the association, Collectif Arc En Ciel. The president stated that it is important to make the public understand that homosexuality is not simply just a gender issue. The people from [...]

17 May 2011, The Independent Daily

NGO raises funds to shelter street children

The Service d’Accompagnement, de Formation, d’Intégration, et de Réhabilitation de l’Enfant (SAFIRE) is organising a fund raiser event on May 27 to help street children. This non-governmental organisation (NGO) was established in May 2006. The fund raiser is in line with the NGO’s aim to continue the programme established by the Ministry of Social Security, [...]

06 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Neotown on agenda at MMM May 1 rally

The Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) May Day rally will be chaired by Arianne Navarre Marie in front of Port Louis Municipality on May 1. The MMM will focus on three main points, namely the impoverishment of the population, various scandals taking place and the government’s incompetence. Paul Bérenger’s inquiry on the Neotown case is over [...]

30 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

The Cabinet approved the Maurice Ile Durable (MID) project

The white paper represents a preliminary step towards the publication that includes strategy as well as the setting up of various projects of the MID

19 Apr 2011,

Dookun committed to fight autism

The third annual United Nation’s World Autism Awareness Day will be observed on April 2. This day was established with the aim of improving people’s knowledge of autism. Autism organisations from all over the world unite in order to give a voice to millions of individuals worldwide who are living with the disorder. In this [...]

31 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

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