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Davos Is Narendra Modi’s Big Stage to Push a Muscular Vision of India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares this week to address global business and political leaders in Davos, Switzerland, as his country passes France and the U.K. to become the world’s fifth-largest economy, underscoring the South Asian nation’s drive for recognition as a great power.

22 Jan 2018,

Narendra Modi received Rs 40 crore from Sahara before he became PM: Rahul Gandhi

"If Narendra Modi ji's Govt take any big or small step to eradicate corruption, Congress party will support them," said Gandhi

21 Dec 2016,

Narendra Modi goes viral on app stores

You don’t have to step out of the house to see the panic among Indians in the aftermath of country’s big demonetization push. Just go to your smartphone’s app store.

23 Nov 2016,

My visit is aimed at enhancing ties with Africa: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for a four-nation tour of African countries on Wednesday night. The visit is aimed at enhancing ties with that continent, particularly in the economic sphere and people-to-people contacts.

07 Jul 2016,

India’s Narendra Modi Defends Efforts to Shake Up Economy

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took on critics who accuse him of failing to pursue “big bang” liberalization measures to revamp his country’s economy, saying he has set a path for accelerated growth that India’s states now need to help navigate.

26 May 2016,

Narendra Modi Struggles to Fulfill His Plan to Rejuvenate India

A flash fire sent the star-studded audience at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” convention fleeing into Mumbai’s streets last month.

01 Mar 2016,

Narendra Modi Aims to Bolster India's Tech Credentials on US Visit

ndian PM sees visit to America as opportunity to enlist global IT industry leaders to help push for technological modernisation in his homeland

24 Sep 2015,

47th Independence & 23rd Republic anniversary celebrations at Champs de Mars

  It has become an annual rendez-vous for me now. Each year, I make it a must to free myself in order to be able to attend the official flag raising ceremony for the Independence and republic...

12 Mar 2015, Yashvin, pages of my life

Indian PM Narendra Modi Mocked for Wearing Suit with His Own Name

There was the shamiana, the tea set, the roses and even the unmissable tea cosy. But there may have been at least one moment at Sunday’s tea party when Barack Obama spotted the fine print — it was all over Narendra Modi.

27 Jan 2015,