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Appel d’Offres: le Spa de l’Aéroport Adjugé au Frère de Nita Deerpalsing

Nuvin Deerpalsing s’est refusé à confirmer ou à infirmer la nouvelle. Mais, selon les autorités aéroportuaires, il aurait remporté l’appel d’offre pour l’ouverture d’un spa dans la nouvelle aérogare.

09 Oct 2014,

SHAKEEL MOHAMED AU JNP : « Ne poussez pas les travailleurs à une action illégale »

Après les consultations ministérielles à haut niveau à l'hôtel du gouvernement dans l'après-midi de vendredi, avec le premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam et celui de l'Agro-industrie, Satish Faugoo, Sha...The post SHAKEEL MOHAMED AU JNP : « Ne poussez pas les travailleurs à une action illégale » appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

12 Aug 2012, KotZot

Shame on Nita : Police officer transferred while doing his duty!

Nit@ recently intervened when a few police officers were ordering a "Briani" hawker to move from the vicinity of the Municipality of Quatres Bornes. The police officer has just be transferred to another department of the workforce.

10 Jan 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Monitoring unit to be set up at PM’s office

A High Level Project Monitoring Unit will soon be set up under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The unit will have the responsibility of monitoring the timely implementation of important policies and specific major projects of the government. This was stated by Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam on Tuesday. The PM was [...]

29 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Terminate MedPxoint clinic contract, says Ashok Jugnauth

Missing from the country’s political scene for quite some time, Union Nationale leader Ashok Jugnauth has finally broken his silence. He spoke to his supporters at a rally in St Pierre to mark International Women’s Day, which will be celebrated on March 8. He commented on the MedPoint case, calling on the government to terminate [...]

06 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily